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  1. Martin from WV ..... went to Fuji because of compact size and aperture choice on lens. In old manual days I had Nikon (stolen), Canon (made when they made my mf lens obsolete), and Pentax along with Pentax and Mamiya 645s. I first went Pentax route in digital but now only Fuji ... love to shoot the rangefinder style cameras : X-e3, 100V with 14, 16, 23, 50 and 90. Gave my Pentax stuff to my niece.
  2. I have both and the 23/2 is more my go to lens for a small package along w 16 and 50 ... really small that I carry in a sling bag. I bought the 100V which I also carry w the above set up minus the 23. This has put the 27 on the side lines for me
  3. i also worried about the joystick as I moved from X-e1 to x-e3 ..... now I forget why I was worried ... got use to new setup very quickly
  4. Retired living in West Virginia .... own x-e1,x-e3,x100v, 14,16/2.8, 23, 27, 35/1.4, 50/2, 15-45 Love fuji's film simulation jpegs and shooting mostly b&w Desire an x-pro3
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