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  1. Why is Cam Remote not working when it hasn't been used for a few weeks. And on the rare occasions when it works, it's only for a few photo's, then all the sudden it stop's working and the WIFI connection is disrupted, and my iPhone disconnects of WIFI and switches to G4. This is my second X-Pro, the fist was an X-Pro2 and now it's a X-pro3, it's my second iPhone (iOS 15.5) too, and each time (regardless the camera ore the iPhone) that Cam Remote app hardly worked as I hoped it would. I meticulously followed the instructions as described in the User Manual, repeated the setting, I unraveled the internet and even switched to the English version of the menu on the camera to avoid things lost in translation, but alas... And now it blocks the proper use of the camera aswel the iPhone, it's a mess...
  2. Hallo, Is it possible to add 'auto-ISO' to the Q menu of a X-Pro3, and if so how? I couldn't find to add it to My Menu either.
  3. I had the 16mm F2 and sold it for a 14 F2.8, I an very happy now! But that is very personal of course. I am looking for an external optical viewfinder, Leica 21mm style, to complete the feeling I had manny years ago when shooting my Leica M4 with the Super-Angulon 21mm F3.5...
  4. Connecting my X camera, wether it is an Xp2 or a Xp3, never really worked for me (from 2016 on), and I finally accepted it: connecting or tethering to a computer, Win or Mac, isn't a Fuji thing, just that...
  5. Cousy-Le-Chateau, Hauts-de-France, France X-Pro2 + 7Artisans 12, 800ASA - F8 - t:1/500, converted to B&W in LrC
  6. Strait of Gibraltar with the Moroccan Atlas mountains in the back.
  7. We rarely have snow but it can be very drizzly... X-pro2 and 7Artisans 12mm
  8. Don't tell the Donald about these fake sky's...
  9. Somewhere in Flanders All shot with the X-pro2 and a 7Artisans 12mm
  10. Thank you, Olaf, for your reply. Yes I configured the VF as OVF only, that's why I chose the X-Pro2. But what I hoped for was that the back LCD would lighten up with the menu immediately open once the menu button was engaged...
  11. I am an avid X-Pro 2 user and mainly use only the OVF. But sometimes I need to 'go' into the menu. When pressing the according button, the menu is only visible in the viewfinder and not on the (now not in use) back LCD screen. The menu in the viewfinder is too small to be comfortably used/read and, in order to easily scroll, I have to take the camera away from the eye.. Ofcourse, when reviewing the taken pictures, then when I press the menu button, a rather small part of the menu becomes visible, not the parts I would like to consult, but I disabled the auto review function... Is there a setting that when the menu is called for, the back screen lightens up and shows the entire menu (-index)?
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