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  1. Capture One doesn't commit to support any new camera in general (exept Phase One). But in the past you had to wait only one or two minor releases.
  2. What do you think about some examples (X-Pro1, 14mm)
  3. Pomp and circumstance at Chatsworth House
  4. Shooting the homeless and poor is cliché and don't make their situation any better. In my opinion it's kinda exploitation of poverty. Just my 2ct.
  5. Harlem


    Eric Langton's speedway bike at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester
  6. Moonrise at Tunnel Beach (NZ)
  7. I've found this pittoresque location on the way from Queenstown to Glenorchy (NZ) by the banks of Lake Wakatipu.
  8. A long and dusty country road in Karoo (ZA)
  9. Fishing cutter Triton at Otago Peninsula (NZ)
  10. I really like all of your Baikal shoots. Very impressive and I'm somewhat envious of that trip.
  11. Rivendell is a good idea because Peter Jackson has taken some tracks in the vacinity of this location.
  12. In the Catlins you'll find this pittoresque water fall, which is an iconic landmark of New Zealand
  13. I've been in that castle 10 years ago for a conference and I remember well the nice garden. Nevertheless I wouldn't tag that picture under Architecture, "Castles and Gardens" would fit much better. If you don't mind I've just opened a new thread.
  14. For the friends of decent kitsch (i must confess ) Glenorchy, Paradise (NZ)
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