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  1. If it has to be only Fuji lenses, it becomes difficult. 16 27 90 16, because it's nice and wide enough and not too wide. 27, because you can do, er, everything with that lens. 90, because having used the 90mm for a wee bit I very much prefer it to the 56 (the latter being an awesome lens nonetheless). My most used focal lengths are 25, 35, 50 and 70mm, but that doesn't match the op's question.
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    Rispe by Elmar, auf Flickr
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    festlich by Elmar, auf Flickr
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    blau und grün by Elmar, auf Flickr
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    Great! - makes me miss my CV15 !
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    Ha! It's my real name. I'm not a fan of Leica optics, though.
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    architecture - windows

    Fenster by Elmar, auf Flickr
  8. Yes, you are allowed to post pictures in this thread even if you are a Mac user. Please show us windows as a part of architecture. Glass, reflections, whatever - but "windows" is the main topic...
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    The very first Post...

    As my very first post here, I'll add something appropriate:
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