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  1. I carry a Xpro1 and a xt10 in a trip to Spain,and guess what? Xpro1 beats the newer in q.i,it's noticiable, old XPRO1 stills surprises me after 2 years of relantionship
  2. I agree with netsrac, a xt10 with a 27mm on is perfect for street moments,even family moments as well
  3. eric kim and ken rockwell have a book list on their blogs, I found Bruce Barbaum (art of photography) very useful,and looking for the masters (I love dorothea lange) always good
  4. xpro1-no tilt screen, evf not so good as xt10,maybe I will go netter with 14mm on xt10,and 18-55 on xpro1.Mainly concerning is about. ..I am just learning how to deal with a 14mm,its kind of weird lens for my point of view
  5. Have 50-230, no complains,but rarely use it,except "on birds" :-)
  6. I have attached my 14mm on my xpro1,but as ovf is usuless, and xt10 has beter evf,Iam wondering about changing -body x lenses.who can help me?(mind that when travelling I carry two cameras with me and dont like to change lenses on street)
  7. I have a xpro1 and a xt10, and attached my 14mm on xpro1, but now I have been thinkhing if I've made the rigth decision, who can help me?
  8. I still believe, when xpro2 comes wil be a blockbuster, fuji will not released anything but a piece of art
  9. x100s, and the xe2 with 10-24 would be perfect for me
  10. thank you all. and, yes bernard,I do appreciate other`s opinion, that´s why we all share this site. About"unnoticed" I meant,considering the big stars like14mm (what I have),and 35mm (dont have). I can point to 56mm and the new 90 as big star as well. I am considering to "plug inn" this lens with my xt10, on street (instead of 18-55), so experience like Paul told whorth a lot for me
  11. nobody talk about the 27mm, and as Iam bound to buy one, would like to know if it is really the best unnoticed lens on fuji world?
  12. what really brings me to fuji was...aperture ring on lenses! so much fun
  13. I read the article (mentioned above), but Iam an amateur photographer as well and I do need a second body when travelling, no need to changing lenses my main concern .nowadays with a xpro-1 and a xt10 (wich one is the second body?)
  14. people like me just want to have fun with photography, a nice camera to handle a bit with exposure, a bit with aperture, and get a nice shot of memorable events. So, for a lot of people xt10 could be better than xt1, some way they get out of their (bulky) dslr
  15. some off those "review guys" are attached to brands, as steve huff with olympus and leica, but they deny it, pretending to be angels.I prefer more honest people who says " I received this product from,,,", or "I am a fuji employer and...", or "oly has invited me for a meeting to introduce... (everything paid by olympus, ritght steve ?) "
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