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    antonio got a reaction from Curiojo in total firmware updates for X-Pro1   
    I carry a Xpro1 and a xt10 in a trip to Spain,and guess what? Xpro1 beats the newer in q.i,it's noticiable, old XPRO1 stills surprises me after 2 years of relantionship
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    antonio got a reaction from CRAusmus in total firmware updates for X-Pro1   
    I carry a Xpro1 and a xt10 in a trip to Spain,and guess what? Xpro1 beats the newer in q.i,it's noticiable, old XPRO1 stills surprises me after 2 years of relantionship
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    antonio got a reaction from Yellerz in Rockwell blasts XT 10   
    some off those "review guys" are attached to brands, as steve huff with olympus and leica, but they deny it, pretending to be angels.I prefer more honest people who says " I received this product from,,,", or "I am a fuji employer and...", or "oly has invited me for a meeting to introduce... (everything paid by olympus, ritght steve ?) "
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    antonio got a reaction from Curiojo in second body   
    ok,finally I decided for xt10,is ligth,faster than xpro1, one with 18-55, the other with 14 mm, and let's go (still waiting for xpro2...:-)
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    antonio got a reaction from ndross475 in Traveling to Costa Rica, which lenses would you take?   
    x100s, and the xe2 with 10-24 would be perfect for me
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    antonio got a reaction from Paul Crespel in 27mm is the fuji best lens   
    thank you all. and, yes bernard,I do appreciate other`s opinion, that´s why we all share this site. About"unnoticed" I meant,considering the big stars like14mm (what I have),and 35mm (dont have). I can point to 56mm and the new 90 as big star as well. 
    I am considering to "plug inn" this lens with my xt10, on street (instead of 18-55), so experience like Paul told  whorth a lot for me
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    antonio got a reaction from Phil in Is the DMC-GX8 the X-Pro2 I've been waiting for?   
    I still believe, when xpro2 comes wil be a blockbuster, fuji will not released anything but a piece of art
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    antonio reacted to Paul Crespel in 27mm is the fuji best lens   
    The 27mm lens is certainly Fuji's smallest offering. 
    It focusses quickly and accurately and produces sharp and nicely contrasty images. 
    For me it's a valid, compact alternative for the 35mm, and can be found on eBay at very interesting prices.  The 27mm has no lens hood, and fitting one would only make it into a non-pancake, but without a hood, just occasionally, you may see a bit of flare. 
    If you fit a protective filter, you will see flare more often.
    Great lens for street and travel photography, and worth buying.
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    antonio reacted to alanbill99 in 27mm is the fuji best lens   
    For me, size is very important. I do a lot of running and biking through the hills and countryside and want to take my camera with me. The 27mm is the only one I can do that with. Photo's come out of it very sharp and the differences between it and the best quality Fuji Primes (currently XF90mm by all accounts) will be very small and only noticeable at 100% crops.
    I love this lens - I only bought it to test it out thinking I'd sell it on. I won't be selling it on!
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    antonio reacted to Dis in Fuji XT-1/ XT-10 Focusing Speed and Accuracy in Low Light Situation (Firmware 4)   
    My Impressions after the first wedding with Fuji was exactly the same. I turned back to DSLRs immediately for several months. All this time I was shooting only static and home scenes with Fuji. As a result my total shooting style changed drastically. What's important, my photos got better. In the end I've tried to shoot weddings with Fuji again and never got back to DSLRs again. Weddings can be shot by Fuji As effective as with DSLRs. One has just to adapt to all the nuances of Mirrorless. Now with new FW, the switch from DSLRs to Fuji will be more easy.
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    antonio got a reaction from marcelo_valente in Spain in September. My turn to ask advice on travel kit.   
    I am goingo to Spain in september too, and will bring along my xpro1 with 14mm attached and my brand new xt10 with 18-55, I think it will be enough. Do not forget to leave a flickr page or something like as we would like to see your photographies of the trip (thank you)
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    antonio got a reaction from Curiojo in Fuji hatred? Why?   
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    antonio got a reaction from x-tc in Any news about a FW 4.0 update on the E2?   
    a xe2 with a 4.0 firmware update leads me to buy a xe2 as second body (to my xpro1), not a xt10 or xt1.Fuji Knows it, and I bet won´t released the big 4.0 for xe2
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    antonio got a reaction from Aswald in second body   
    yes Aswald, sounds terrific true,who those love xpro1 would prefer a xpro2 instead the slr look of a xt1, although no doubt a great camera,exactly why I didn´t buy
    a second body yet, it will be fuji and I am waiting for xpro2
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    antonio reacted to mjh in X100T Firmware Update   
    Andreas did put the question but they way I understand the answer this would be a low priority for Fuji, an update for the X-E2 being more likely.
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    antonio reacted to Aswald in second body   
    Well, a couple of ambassadors were my friends. They're professionals and shoot with both bodies. I had a back room chat with most of them and was privy to a host of comparos. Since then I've also shot with the X-T1 on and off. Absolutely loved the X-T1, esp the design and the straight on AF speed. Amazing when you nail follow focus. Picture wise, I really can't tell them apart....if anything, I preferred those coming from the X-Pro1. It's an entirely personal taste so I put the X-T1 aside as I didn't need the AF speed. I will probably look very seriously at the X-Pro2 when it arrives. Then the X-Pro1 will be my 2nd body.
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    antonio reacted to Patrick FR in XT-1 Firmware Should go to Xpro-1 too   
    I'm afraid that this is not possible, for technical limits (slower processor, no phase detection pixels...) and, as other said, the X-PRO2 is long rumored to come within this year. So I guess Fuji will pack all these sweet new features in the X-PRO2... and maybe, thanks to the rumored EXR III processor, it should work even better!
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    antonio reacted to macabee in second body   
    I agree, I bought a second body, as they are such a great deal these day's. The advantage is that you can switch seamlessly between them without a second thought.
    I use body 'A' with the 18~55mm lens and body 'B' with my 35mm f/1.4 prime for street photography, in fact this morning I am going out with my x-pro 'B' kit, 35 mm lens, spare battery & sd card in a Domke F-5XB all up weight 3.2 lb/1473g.
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    antonio reacted to Maurice in second body   
    The X100's are absolutely fantastic as a second body along with any interchangeable lens camera, IF you like the 35mm focal length of course it is a no brainer imho.
    Alternatively, it could be that you want to switch between a standard zoom and a longer tele often, then a 35mm isn't going to do you much good as the zoom already covers that. A second interchangeable lens body might be of more use in order to have a long tele always at the ready. Then of course the Hybrid Viewfinder is of little use, while the higher resolution EVF and faster focusing of X-E2 would be most useful !
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    antonio reacted to Aswald in second body   
    Depends on which lens you already have on your X-Pro1.
    The X100s is a superb all rounder and perfect for street photography.
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