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  1. it is working now with a new cable.
  2. I have Vello Freewave that worked with my XT1 but does not work with my XT3. Not sure why.
  3. Just upgraded to the XT3 and tried to use my Vello Freewave wireless with it. Does not seem to work. It does work with my older XT1. Anyone know if Vello plans to update the freewave to work with the XT3. Yes, I know that I can use the Fuji Remote app on my iPhone but I wanted to have the freewave as an option on the XT3.
  4. My experience has been the opposite. I find that the jpegs on screen are sharp but the prints are even sharper. It may have to do with several factors. My screen may not be as sharp as the original poster's, I am using an Epson 1800 to print (yes, I know an antique these days), and I print on Epson Premium Photo Glossy paper. All these factors contribute to the final print as compared to the screen.
  5. Ken strikes again. He does not like the EVF, the color for landscapes etc., Of course he also bumps up his saturation in any of his landscape photos, even Canon and Nikon shots. Hey Ken, use raw and process your shots however you like.
  6. I posted several days ago about getting a malware warning popup when I go the FujiRumors site. I am not getting redirected to any other site and it seems there is no problem ignoring the warning. But there may be some add on their site that pops up and triggers the warning.
  7. Thanks to Patrick FR for the response.
  8. Well if it is the content of one of their ads, then hope FujiRumors can block the particular ads. But then again, I am not sure that they have control of the ads on their site.
  9. I am running Yosemite and as I stated in the original post, the popup does not appear consistently. I browse with Safari.
  10. I have been getting a popup from time to time when I bring up the FujiRumors web site. The popup warns of a possible malware on the site. I am running a Mac with Yosemite operating system. The malware warning does not popup every time and there seems to be no problem if I ignore it and go back to the site. The diagnostic from Google indicates the malware might be "zelenayamorda.info" It says it is dangerous. My system seems to be operating ok. Does anyone else get this popup warning? Is it possible it is related to the content of some ad that is on the FujiRumors website? I am not sure where or how to report the to the FujiRumors owners. Any ideas?
  11. I appreciate all the comments about the 100-400 and teleconverters. Has anyone heard any rumors about third parties developing either an adapter that will allow autofocus and exposure control with the XT1 or any third party lenses that work fully automatically with Fuji cameras without adapters? Seems that most of the third party companies look at the Fuji market as too small to invest in.
  12. Now if Fuji would only make a 1.4x or 2x teleconverter that would fit my 55-200, that would be great.
  13. I now have a dilemma about whether to order the new 100 - 400 lens. I already have a good copy of a Canon 100 - 400 and could just buy an adapter for my XT1. Of course I lose autofocus but I save $1900 (less the cost of the adapter). What makes it more of a dilemma is that both lens weigh about the same. I was hoping the Fuji would weigh a lot less than the Canon. Anyone else in the same quandary?
  14. Bulldog mentioned JAL screwdrivers. I looked them up and the closest I could find is JIS screwdrivers. JIS stands for Japanese Industrial Screwdrivers or something close to that. They have a slightly different head than Phillips screwdrivers and are supposed to prevent cam outs in Japanese screws that happen when you use a Phillips.
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