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  1. I had joined the Fuji cult back in 2015-2016. I loved my gear and the results I was getting. Then I went through some life changing events and sold all my gear and picked up some other gear on the cheap. I got some nice results, but found myself in a rut.. seemed like all I was shooting were birds, a few grandkids shots. I seemed to lose any real creativity. i recently purchased two Fuji’s, like new x-t1 & pristine x-e2s. I also invested in 10-24, 18-135, & 18-55 came with x-e2s. i hope to rekindle the creative juices. I hope to take a road trip to Niagra Falls soon. I can o
  2. When importing photos to my iPad with Cam Remote, it puts an extremely long string of numbers/letters.jpg. How do I get it stop doing this. If I import directly from so card this does not happen. ‘I cannot seem to find any fix for this....
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    collection of things done with my fuji gear...
  4. Grandkids... shot with xe2 & 18-55..silverfx
  5. OOC jags with only cropping done in LR
  6. I am new to this forum. I have never heard of Digitalrev. Are they reputable..ship to US. I am thinking of ordering the 35 1.4 from them... Thanks for input
  7. Just saying hello and enjoying this forum and rumors... Finally settled on Fuji XE-2 and X100t.. Like them both and plan on adding either 35 1.4 or Touit 32 1.8 to my arsenal in the not too distant future. Glad to be a member of the the cult.
  8. I missed the "sale" on the fuji lenses.... I went to amazon...b&h...adorama... they were sold out... now that they are getting back in stock they are at full price... I will be patient and wait for another "sale" Until then, I do have my 18 - 55
  9. thanks for all the input and comments. i did try the 60mm.. i must admit i was not happy with the "feel" of the lens. a bit too slow to focus and did not feel "right". I returned it. I am waiting for backorders to come in at Amazon or Adorama or B&H to try the 35mm.
  10. thank you all for the input...I have decided to try the 60, mostly for the fact the it can do "double duty" portrait and macro... I hope I have cured myself of the ability to ruin a perfectly new piece of equiptment..... I am going to take advantage of the Amazon/Adorama's liberal return policy and try the lens for a bit to be sure .... Will post a few trial shots next week....
  11. Thank you for all your input.. I think I am leaning towards the 60macro... I am going to pull the trigger and order it and see how it feels...(thanks to Amazons return policy, I will have a chance to try it and make the final decision)
  12. ok here goes... been lurking in the background a bit..last year I purchased an XT1 and fell on it and destroyed the 18- 55 lens.. the camera survived for a short period and recently went to the big junkyard in the sky...I have an X100t which I enjoy... GAS hit.. I purchased an X-E2 w/ 18-55 and 55-200.. so far I have not destroyed it. just getting the feel of it.. However, I am pondering a prime... ?? input would be appreciated...35. 56...60(macro)????? Thanks for any advice.
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