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  1. Solt lakes of Russia. X-T1, XF 10-24, XF 18-135
  2. Hey, guys. What's the differencs between X-A2 and X-A10 except for mystical portrait enhanser and auto turn on eye detection when screen rotated to selfie position? Update: I add the lack of AF switch and hot shoe.
  3. I owe to x100 series for these images.
  4. Well not all F-X-F members are X-PRO2 users. You can consider C1 not supporting X-Trans III. But it's still great for older cameras. Even though it lacks Film Simulations, you can find sample icc profiles on the forum. I've corrected them a bit for my taste and have totally abandoned LR. C1 processes RAFs sharper. C1 is far more customizable, has far more advanced color tools.
  5. As always it's worth to upgrade to a direct replacement model only if you're a working photographer who uses camera every day or you have extra money.
  6. You can buy relatively cheap x-e2s for that.
  7. KR is quite successful blogger. Thus he is not an idiot by any means. Nevertheless in order to synthesize not an idiotic advice from his article, you already have to know a lot, which makes the advice quite useless. There are lot's of correct, wrong and exaggerated info on the website so one has to sort very carefully.
  8. http://kenrockwell.com/fuji/x-pro2.htm To those who don't know Ken's reviews, don't take his words literally. He loves to exaggerate his real impressions.
  9. Hi. How do you compare the AF performance with EVF and OVF. How does the camera does the zone tracking with OVF? Thank you for your efforts.
  10. In addition to this what do you think about zone + AF-C with OVF/RVF? How is the tracking? How good is the real time parallax correction? Thanks.
  11. Patrick, any info about OVF magnifications?
  12. You've confused Fuji with Leica... or Pentax LOL
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