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  1. Hi Boris, I persevered with the TCL for a while, but for street, documentary and reportage it's not ideal. Great for still subjects, but it slows the autofocus down considerably, really considerably, and I ended up with out of focus shots on nearly everything that was moving. It's been consigned to my box of broken cameras, even though it's like new.... I can't get on with it. I did wonder if it was the cause of the loose lens barrel, but then I remember that I had the same fault on the original X100, and that never had a TCL attached, so maybe that wasn't the reason. However, for anything other than still subjects I don't recommend the TCL. I've tried the WCL and that was very good, but I never bought it.
  2. Hi Boris, There is a gap and movement where the lens attaches to the body but the real movement is between the aperture ring and the focussing ring. I have a feeling it may have been caused by prolonged use of the TCL, but cannot be certain. I've written to Fuji on their official site form in Tokyo so many times now I've lost count, but have only ever had the courtesy of one reply, and generally I only get an automated receipt of the messages. I wouldn't let my experience put you off. I am very hard on my cameras, and anything other than Nikon or Canon just don't last very long.... but that's me, not so much the cameras. Modern cameras seem so flimsy, but in gentle hands they should last a long time. I would recommend the X100S over the T. The T has a serious menu issue where the menu appears in the viewfinder by default. If you then want to navigate you either have to keep your eye to the viewfinder, so everybody thinks you're taking photos, or you can press the view mode button to make it come up on the LCD, but then you have to press it again 3 times to go back to being able to use the viewfinder again. This just doesn't work in fast moving situations. Third stop detents on the aperture ring on the T are also annoying for me. I prefer single stops, but that may not be an issue for you. I have abandoned the T and bought another S. They are now getting very difficult to find, so once my S reaches the end of its useful life, if Fuji haven't given me a menu by default on the LCD, I will be changing brand. Really don't worry about the lens wobble, unless (possibly) you plan on using the TCL a lot. Go for the S, it's a more usable camera, and the jog wheel is much faster to use than the four-way D pad buttons.
  3. The site's running on X100T firmware, it's only visible through the viewfinder :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Roger, Dr.S, The lens became loose from the body after about 9 months, and by 11 months the gap was letting light in, and the lens was so loose it was no longer focusing. It didn't actually fall off, but it became unattached to the point the camera was effectively broken. It's the second X100 series that has exhibited that issue for me. I buy grey imports to save money, as I don't treat my cameras very well, they are purely tools to do a job. I'm aware they won't last, so I don't bother about guarantees. Canon and Nikon last me many years, in some cases three or four decades, but I have gotten used to Fuji cameras lasting me on average less than one year. I don't mind too much, I regard them as disposable cameras that do a great job while they last. I have had 9 Fuji X series cameras so far, and they all died within a maximum of one year. Great cameras, but just can't take the pace like Canon and Nikon.
  5. Is that a banana? Talk To The Banana by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  6. Verona - Mihai the street violinist Verona Violinist by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  7. Verona - Paolo Zanarelli Paolo Zanarella - Verona, Italy by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  8. Verona accordeonist L'accordéoniste by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  9. Verona - Giorgio Grumini Giorgio Grumini by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  10. Verona - Goth Shop window Gothic Doll by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  11. Verona Street Market Armed Mannequin by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  12. VERONA SYNAGOGUE Verona Synagogue by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  13. Italy - Operazione Strade Sicure Operazione "Strade Sicure" by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  14. Ghanaian Church, Italy Easter Sunday by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
  15. Moto GP Champion GP Racer by Paul Crespel, on Flickr
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