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Fuji GFX 50s Images

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And yet it killed the Dream! It killed belowed 33f1.0. GFX must burn in hell!


-_- nonsense, you can say the same about the new smaller 23, 35 and 50mm f/2.0 WR lenses. Although I must say I hope they continue to develop stellar no compromise aps-c lenses which was why they got big(ger) in the first place  :wub:

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I only see images of the camera, not by the camera.




It's an early beta version, they will never allow any SD card anywhere near that model at this point, I was at the Sigma booth to get physical in touch with the 85 F1.4, the 12-24 F4 and the 500 F4 and I had to negotiate quite a bit with the Sigma representative to mount them onto my camera and had to physically taken out all the cards in the body before I could snap at anything.


And the Sigma lenses are pretty much production ready at this point, the GFX still has quite a bit of road to walk before it even gets there.

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6 months before availability? :o

Err... Well from what I heard, it said Q2 or Q3 next year, so more like anything between 6 to 12 months.


It is like that 23 F2, still no official release date, it is expected to be early 2017 but nothing is set in stone yet.


I saw it behind closed glass panels but that's about it. There wasn't even a demo version on the show.


Or at least I am not high enough on the food chain to get on the back rooms of Fuji.

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