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GFX 100s Focus Stacking

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As someone who just made the "big investment" in a GFX 100s body and 45-100mm lens, I'm more than dismayed in that I can't get the focus "bracketing" program to work. Am so disappointed that Fuji couldn't even be bothered explaining this feature in their online manual. Yes, I've looked at every YouTube video I could, but am still in the dark. Is there anyone out there that could walk me through this step by step, as if they were trying to explain this to a first grader? No matter what I do I can only get the camera to take one photo (instead of a series of photos). Yes, I'm dead serious. Thanks in advance. Larry

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They (Fujifilm) actually show how to use focus bracketing and then show you how to turn the frames into a focus stacked image.

I should add, to their explanation, if the camera has brkt — the GFX-100S does not — on the top dials turn that on, then follow the instructions listed above. Before you start, make sure the shutter speed and f-stop are set to your liking, etc., i.e. all of the usual settings are ready. 

Once you choose the Interval setting and push the Ok button, or push the shutter button depending on which camera you have, the sequence will begin.

This also has a good step by step run through using a X-T3:


This is a, well somewhat wordy but pretty complete, explanation:



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Have used FB on the GFX 100s in both MANUAL AND AUTO modes and have not experienced your issue. My only complaint is AUTO mode tends to shoot more brackets than necessary. But that's not your issue. Have you looked here? FOCUS BKT is the 4th bracket down.

What are your settings for these? (CAMERA MENU) SHOOTING SETTING > FOCUS BKT SETTING -
MANUAL or AUTO bracketing?

If AUTO FB then did you go through the procedure in the manual? What AF mode are in?



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Hi, did you resolve your problem? I have been using a Fuji GFX for several years and rely on the focus stacking function, but having upgraded the firmware, I'm now unable to get it to work properly, and when I rang Fuji's tech support, the person there couldn't get it to work either. I'm waiting for another Fuj "expert" to phone me. I think this is very wrong. These cameras are very expensive and Fuji should provide proper tech support.

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