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  1. No matter what I do. I figured out that it got into touchscreen mode, thought turning that off would fix it. Nope. No matter what I do will not focus, nor take a picture.. ? I have had this for a year and shot thousands of pics??
  2. Nice. I will probably get that dummy whether I am going to use it on the webcam or not.
  3. Interesting.. from what I have read it's only with thunderbolt 4 that hub connections are equivalent to machine connections. I am not using it enough to want to go to HDMI yet. For what I am doing it's actually quite good.
  4. What problems have you had? works every time for me. Within the bounds I had to discover through caveman trial and error: - Zoom works every time - Google Meet only works in Chrome I think the biggest pit to fall into is thinking you can just plug it in and then the app will popup. I go into Zoom and make an instant call and then fiddle with the video. This past week I then got an invite to the meeting, clicked on it, and Zoom asked 'do you want to leave this meeting and go to that one?' I clicked yes and it all worked fine. During operation the only problem i have encountered is the camera has gone off several times. Few of those times I had it plugged into a Thunderbolt 4 hub, but for sure it did it plugged into the laptop as well.
  5. Yes that's what I have read. Elaborate on why the dummy is not a good option? yeah I was not really clear about that. Seems that there were a lot of dummy options for the 3, not so much for the 4. But maybe that is the best option. My thought is I might only need super long sessions once in a while so I would favor a solution that has additional utility (dummy would not). Even extra batteries. Also should have mentioned of course the battery grip. Still finite but 3x longer, that would probably do it, but $329 for that option.
  6. This is from ages ago but yes I am using the X-T4 as a webcam with an M1 MBP.
  7. Been using my X-T4 w/18-55 as a webcam on a mac and am very happy with it. I did a pretty long call the other day and it still had power at the end. But I was wondering if it draws power from USBC while plugged in. Did some reading around and found someone saying no on YouTube. I don't really need spare batteries for shooting but might get one in case I do a long call or back-to-back calls. Looks like dummy batteries are not a great option.
  8. So I took the battery out and put it back a few times, now everything is working. I also removed one of my Lexar cards. I am using the 1667x/128GB card.
  9. I have no tolerance for this kind of stuff. Pretty sure I am going to just return it and switch brands which is too bad. I turn it on and screen shows but nothing works, no buttons. I got Lexar cards that seemed to be fast enough. But then I went back to the Fuji list of approved cards. Take the model numbers from that list and do searches, none of them are on amazon. Total insanity...
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