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GFX 100s not connecting to Mac via USB-C

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Has anyone else noticed that since one of the recent firmware updates:

the GFX 100s will not connect to a Mac of any age via USB cable.

I am currently on FW 2.11 on my GFX 100s.

Using USB-C the camera will connect to both iOS and Windows and we can see and download image files.

But now when connecting it via cable to a Mac - the camera will not show up at all.  

I have been reporting this to Fuji support but it has not gone anywhere for months.



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A while back Apple put a security update in its operating system that requires users to give permission for USB C or Thunderbolt connected devices to transfer data back and forth between the device and the computer. If the user did not give permission, the  device could only use the USB or Thunderbolt port for battery charging.

Initially, this update was only for laptops, they may have brought it over to desktop computers later.

As far as I know, if the user accidentally does not give access permission, there is no easy way to reset this for a single device, but there is sort of a work-around described in the release notes:


Does this help?

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Thanks, Yes I knew about the USB issue in newer Macs and macOS but that is why I tested it with High Sierra as well.

Also the fact that every other camera easily connects via USB direct with the camera - definitely points out the fact that it is a FUJI specific problem.  Furthermore - I remember being able to direct connect early last year.

I rarely take the Cards OUT of the camera  these days.

The weird thing is I can connect my iPhone 15 via USB-C to 100s and pull files directly - puzzling.

Problem is FUJI rarely listens to anyone.



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Okay, just for completeness sake:

1.     The camera’s menu connection setting is USB CARD READER.

2.    The computer is turned on, booted and nicely operational.

3..    With the camera turned off, connect the camera to the computer using a known-to-be-good USB C data plus power cable (a data only cable should work as well, a power only cable will not work).

3.   The camera’s charging light may turn on. Turn the camera on. The back screen probably will show the USB symbol as well as the USB letters.

4.    Start up the Image Capture app and see if the camera’s name appears in the devices list.

5.    In the Apple menu, select ‘About This Mac’, click on the ‘More Info…’ button, and on the right hand side of the window that opens, at its bottom is a button called ‘System Report…’, click on it. A new window should open, the left hand side has collapsible dropdown listings, the first is called “Hardware’, within it is the USB listing, select that. The right side pane should give you listings of all the USB devices connected at that moment, one of them should say something like USB PTP Camera.

Does either 4. or 5. work?

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Hopefully these will help some.

For quite a while now Apple has put stuff into their operating system so that you cannot yourself open the connected camera’s card and see the images, you have to use their or third party software to do that.

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Wow Jerry, Simply Wow and thanks:

I switched off camera.

Connected Cam to Mac with USB-C

Switched on cam

Looked at system report which said Camera PTP

Then opened up Image Capture (I never even knew IC was still on the latest macOS)

and the files on the GFX showed up.

Then opened up LR and FINALLY GFX images showed.   Interestingly like all the cameras - You don't get to navigate to the /DCIM folder - but that's no big deal.

*** But for the exercise I tried this on my Intel MacBook Pro running Monterey - but no luck there with the above steps (No big deal).

I hav Eno idea how this even started to work - Is it the process of Looking at Sys Report or Just the fact that I opened it on Image Capture   OR that I Connected first THEN Switched on the camera.  What actually made it work?

The Irony is I don't think Fuji Support in Aust have any idea about this as they have been stumped over this for the last few months.


Thanks Again  - truly appreciated!!



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I am glad to read you are able to get this up and running.

Pretty much as long as you connect the camera and turn it on and wait a few moments for the computer to register the connection, you can then use Image Capture (which actually is a very decent program with a lot of options for transferring images from cameras to the computer) or Lightroom or other programs to move the images to your library.

There are some drawbacks; connecting to the computer while it is in sleep mode will waste your time, the connection will not get recognized— you will have to unplug the camera, wake the computer and start over. Trying to connect while the screen saver is running may work, it may not, often not. If the computer goes into screen saver mode while the camera is connected and sitting idle, it usually stays connected when coming back out of screen saver, but if the computer mputer goes into sleep mode, the connection gets dropped and you have to unplug it and start over.

I suggested having the camera turned off while connecting, this is to lower the possibility of static electricity discharges frying either the camera or the computer or both. A lot of times you can connect while the camera is turned on, but not always, sometimes you have to unplug, turn it off, reconnect and turn it back on.

A lot of this comes from Apple’s approaches towards keeping USB devices from hijacking your computer, some is just hubris and some is from the vagaries of chance.

p.s. Your laptop should be able to connect to the camera.

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