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  1. Is it just me or is the interchange between camera and app just crappy? First of all the iOS app won’t rotate to landscape mode (hello iPad?) the menu terms/instructions differ between app and and camera (firmware v2.2) you need Bluetooth AND wifi for a connection. when I get it to work once it won’t reconnect the next use without resetting the connection. ain’t no way I’m going to trust it with applying a firmware update wirelessly.
  2. >The accuracy of AF function has been improved at manual focus mode using "One-Push AF". can somebody expand on this? “One-Push AF” isn’t a term they use in my manual. https://fujifilm-x.com/en-ca/support/download/firmware/cameras/x-s10/
  3. What does this FULL icon mean? It shows up even after all images have been transferred.
  4. I mostly use old school usb to transfer images but I have played with Bluetooth/WiFi (seems like a convoluted process) but now the image transfer status icon shows “full”. What does that mean when I’ve been successfully transferring via usb. (Card nowhere near full)
  5. Nope, even when it was at minimum extension, no hood.
  6. Not to edit but sort and store? I’m thinking googles Picasa might be out dated
  7. Several times I've carefully closed the USB/HDMI door after charging/downloading only to find it open again later. Not sure if it's catching on my clothing or the strap but I'm worried it will eventually snap off. Anybody else experiencing this?
  8. Tell me experienced Fujifolk, Is it just a matter of time before lens like the XF 55-200 or XC50-230 have a firmware release that will support the XF teleconverters or is that not in Fuji's game plan? Do I just start saving up for the 70-300 now?
  9. mcewena


    While in the menus? Yes twice so far.
  10. I was disappointed to discover that the on-board flash casts a huge shadow if you have this combo. Funny how none of the reviewers mention that.
  11. Yes thanks. I'm not sure which is the more upsetting idea, that I'd somehow downgraded to a less capable lens or my memory of how the other one operated is that short The confusing thing is face/eye detection sort of mimics AF-C on the display and is available in auto. Most of the menu restrictions in auto are logical but I wish there was a matrix published in the manual.
  12. I bought an XS10 with the 16-80 kit lens last week but decided the 18-55 was a better fit for me so the bricks & mortar camera store swapped them for me (and refunded the difference). I'm happy with that decision but now my memory is telling me I used to be able to choose AF-C while in auto mode, now I can't. It works fine in program mode but the option is grayed out in both menus if I switch to auto. Am I imagining things about the 16-80 that weren't true? New lens set to auto and OIS turned on, latest firmware. Thanks,
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