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    image sharpness

    by the way Ruta you shouldn't ignore black & white photography ) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E5iGA5h-rbcVwjeqPf_6u5yLU4DzOmS9/view?usp=sharing
  2. mdm

    image sharpness

    Hi Ruta, I've checked the RAF in Capture One and you can see it shows the focus plain of the image painted in green. So, as Jerryy pointed out it's a very thin DOF that makes the most part of the image unsharp. Besides even shooting at F11 or F16 from this perspective you hardly get all-in-focus image. I agree that focus bracketing or focus stacking is the only way to go here. What about your lens it's perfectly fine. I upload processed file and as you might find the area which is in focus is tuck sharp. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MuOChe5snmYV_Fqv13qeMqmN_LeRg5iD/view?usp=sharing
  3. mdm

    image sharpness

    It is ok and I like it, just need a touch of PP. Just a little bit.
  4. mdm

    image sharpness

    Hi Jerryy! How is it going! The lens in 16-80. I load jpg in Capture One and see that sharpness slider set to zero. It could be due the camera setup. When you switch the sharpness off images might looks realy soft. I adjusted it as it should be and it helps a bit Ruta, if you have RAF file as well post it here. C1 can show where the real focus point in the image is.
  5. You know if Nikon would make FF retro controlled camera and add some lenses with aperture ring I'd go for it... but they are "diversifying their portfolio" instead. What a pity. 😕
  6. But how this Nikon camera is linked to all this aps-c - FF - MF story?
  7. looks like a tunnel syndrome...
  8. It looks like a faulty lens as it should behave exactly like your 16-80mm. I'd try to check this lens on some other Fuji body if possible.
  9. Hi George! Don't worry I'm fine I'd say yes, I prefer rangefinder-style though I'm not completely against SLR-style either as I'm old Minolta user and have two SLRs: X-500 and XDs. I think I'd bought X-T4 already if it has X-T3 screen or X-Pro3 even with fixed LCD.
  10. Thanks Fuji for this opportunity. They don't want me buying their stuff. New toy camera (X-E4) is a cherry on the cake of nonsense.
  11. What I surprised by is that there are no modern camera system I want to buy since I've got my X-E2. I'm not talking about Leica it's not my budget, but every rangefinder-style camera by Fuji or Sony are crippled that way it stops me from buying it. Canon and Nikon are not in this game at all. And you're ranting about some wide angle lens... ))) About the lens... I think they're making bokeh lens for portraits not for street when you usually need plenty of DOF to tell your story and in case of low light you should utilize IBIS this days rather then speed of the glass. So, maybe Fuji xf 16f1.4 is the one.
  12. What do you mean Fuji? Cameras of all manufacturers work the same way in manual mode.
  13. There is a post started back in 2015 by "quincy" - https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/topic/998-complete-overview-over-the-available-and-upcoming-fuji-x-mount-lenses/ I didn't check updates of that post last years and just did it now. He added some links to reviews that is great and sort of what you are talking about I suppose.
  14. Hi Bruce. There aren't such a db with reviews on this forum, just some personal opinions, but very often quite valuable, so you may try search through the topicks. Hoever there are some great sites of professional fuji gear reviewers, so here you are a couple for a start: https://jonasraskphotography.com/ https://www.cameralabs.com/
  15. Check this video Keith, for me it makes perfect sence - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3niyfR6rmQo
  16. When Take Kayo was asked during his last live stream why there is no silver version of X-S10 he answered that it's for the same reason X-H1 doesn't have silver version as well. Both cameras are just plain ugly and black color helps to hide it to some degree. (min. 54 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id3OPVAaCmE ). That was a joke though.
  17. You won't regret 35f2. I have 18-55 as well but the longer I've been using it the less satisfied with IQ I become, so finally I've bought 16-55f2.8 and though it's a fantastic lens but not for travel.
  18. Providing that you've got a zoom already I'd take 35f2. Love this lens.
  19. The most hilarious thing about this crippled X-E4 is that tomorrow a bunch of so called ambassadors would start to explain me why "soft dick is better than the hard one"...
  20. As we know any camera shake could be omitted by reducing shutter speed, so I tend to use at least 1/250 with wide and normal lenses. And of cause keep in mind that wide open vintage lens almost always would look soft, so close it down one stop to gain sharpness.
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