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  1. We are currently conducting a large customer survey on the topic of connectivity! All camera manufacturers (including Leica) seem to agree that these functions are one of the most important future topics for cameras. We now want to know… If you agree How intensively you already use these functions and what exactly is important to you Your answers will help giving camera manufacturers clear guidance on what is important to you and what features should be implemented in new cameras. The survey has only 10 questions, your answers should take no more than 5 minutes. » Take the survey Many thanks for your support!
  2. Sorry, I'm a bit late with this update - but the offer is so attractive that I wanted to share it with you in any case... Topazlabs has a great offer for all who want to use the whole Topaz product range: The Image Quality Bundle is currently available for $160 instead of $260 - use our coupon code FORUM to save another 15%! DeNoise AI Gigapixel AI Sharpen AI Also included is one year of unlimited updates. Best of all, you save another 15% with our coupon code FORUM, so you pay only $136 for all three programs instead of $260 and save 48%. The offer is only valid until May 6th! » Topazlabs Image Quality Bundle 48% off (Code FORUM)
  3. French software house DxO introduces a new version of DxO PureRAW. The main changes are support for Fujifilm cameras with X-Trans sensor and options to integrate the power of DxO PureRAW into your workflow. DxO PureRAW 2.0 focuses on the first and most important steps of RAW conversion: Denoising De-mosaicing Optical corrections and Sharpening For further processing PureRAW passes the file as DNG to the RAW converter of your choice - e.g. Lightroom, alternatively as a developed JPEG. One of the innovations concerns this workflow: RAW files can be developed in the background directly from Lightroom or from Finder/Explorer via context menu. The results are then available in the form of DNGs for further processing in the file system or directly in Lightroom. RAW conversion can be triggered directly from the Windows File Explorer and macOS Finder, the user simply selects which algorithm should be applied and whether the output should be saved as JPG or DNG. The integration in Adobe Lightroom is similar: With one click, one or more files can be converted into pre-processed DNGs, which are available directly in the Lightroom library. The second major difference from the previous version is good news for all owners of Fujifilm cameras with X-Trans sensor: DxO PureRAW 2.0 now supports all RAW files from Fujifilm X-Trans cameras - not just current models, but for a total of 28 models all the way back to the Fujifilm X-Pro1, which was introduced 10 years ago. Other changes include processing speed and support for HiDPI displays. In addition to the 28 Fujifilm cameras already mentioned, several cameras from other manufacturers have also been added, including… Nikon Z9 Canon EOS R3 Sony A7 IV Leica M10R and Leica SL2. DxO PureRAW 2.0 is now available for download from the DxO Shop. The full version costs 129 €, and the upgrade €79. Here is a screenshot comparing the results of Lightroom to DxO PureRAW: DxO PureRAW 2: Versatility, speed, and support for Fujifilm X-Trans cameras A revolution for RAW files, DxO PureRAW 2 now allows users to pre-process images without leaving Lightroom and offers significant speed improvements. Support arrives for X-Trans cameras, offering Fujifilm photographers excellent image quality, and improved OS integration brings access via context menus. Awarded the EISA Best Advanced Photo Software 2021 upon its release, DxO PureRAW set a new standard in RAW conversion through its pioneering use of artificial intelligence, establishing superior image quality at the beginning of the editing process — all without disrupting photographers’ existing workflows. DxO PureRAW 2 builds on this success, offering new features and greater efficiency. New integrations offer a smoother workflow DxO PureRAW 2 acquires two new integrations to make the workflow even smoother. In Lightroom Classic, users can right-click on a number of RAW files and have DxO PureRAW 2 process the images, creating newly enhanced Linear DNG files back into the same folder, without having to step outside of the application. Similar functionality is now integrated into Windows File Explorer and macOS Finder: simply right-click files and choose from the context menu to start the process. Support for Fujifilm X-Trans cameras DxO PureRAW 2 now supports RAW files from X-Trans sensors, bringing the significant benefits of DeepPRIME to Fujifilm XT photographers. Expect clean images, free of noise and artifacts, with deep, vibrant colors even at high ISO levels. Faster and more efficient DxO DeepPRIME receives a significant upgrade in speed. Not only more responsive, processing and export times have been improved — up to four times faster on Apple Silicon machines and up to 1.5 times faster on the latest Windows computers. Support for HiDPI displays and a host of new camera/lens combinations HiDPI displays are now supported, offering greater comfort to photographers on Windows machines. Updates to DxO’s Optics Modules brings the total number of supported camera and lens combinations to more than 70,000. Support for even more equipment DxO PureRAW 2 supports 40 new cameras: Canon EOS R3 (Canon RF) - Bayer Sensor DJI Mavic 3 / Mavic 3 Cine (Drone) - Bayer Sensor Fuji GFX 50S II (Fuji GFX) - Bayer Sensor Fuji X100F (Compact) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X100S (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X100T (Compact) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X100V (Compact) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X20 (Compact) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X30 (Compact) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X70 (Compact) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-E1 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-E2 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-E2S (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-E3 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-E4 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji XF10 (Compact) - Bayer Sensor Fuji X-H1 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-M1 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-Pro1 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-Pro2 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-Pro3 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-S10 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-T1 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-T10 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-T2 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-T20 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-T3 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-T30 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-T30 II (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Fuji X-T4 (Fuji X) - X-Trans Sensor Leica M10-R (Leica M) - Bayer Sensor Leica SL2 (L-mount) - Bayer Sensor Leica SL2-S (L-mount) - Bayer Sensor Nikon Z9 (Nikon Z) - Bayer Sensor Ricoh GRIIIx (Compact) - Bayer Sensor Sigma Fp-L (L-mount) - Bayer Sensor Sony A7 IV (Sony FE) - Bayer Sensor Sony A7R IIIA (Sony FE) - Bayer Sensor Sony A7R IVA (Sony FE) - Bayer Sensor Sony FX3 (Sony FE) - Bayer Sensor About DxO PureRAW 2 DxO PureRAW uses convolutional neural networks to perform the demosaicing and denoising processes of RAW image conversion simultaneously. Having been trained using millions of example images, the network is able to produce results that far exceed those made by human-designed algorithms, giving users Linear DNG files that have all of the flexibility of the original RAW file but with the best possible image quality in terms of color, noise, and fine detail. In addition, DxO PureRAW uses DxO’s highly regarded Optics Modules, a database of more than 70,000 lens and camera body combinations that provide the highest levels of lens sharpness, corrections to geometric distortions, vignetting, and aberrations. Price and availability DxO PureRAW (Windows and macOS) is now available for download on the DxO website (https://shop.dxo.com/) at the following price DxO PureRAW 2 129 € DXO PureRAW 2 Upgrade 79 €
  4. Topazlabs has introduced a new version of Gigapixel AI, an image editing tool to upscale images - without losing quality. The new version 3.8 is available for the reduced price of $79.99 (instead of $99.99) until February 18, and with the savings code FORUM it's even only $67.99 (22% savings). You can save even more with the Image Quality Bundle, which includes Gigapixel AI as well as tools for reducing noise (DeNoise AI) and sharpening (Sharpen AI) images. Instead of being around $260, it's available for $160. With our savings code FORUM the price is reduced by another 15% to $136 (approx. 48% savings) New Features in Gigapixel AI v5.8 Improved face refinement pipeline Gigapixel AI will now do a much better job detecting human faces more often and delivering more realistic results. Tiny background faces especially should see a noticeable improvement in quality. Significant image quality improvements with Windows GPU You’ll notice much better image quality across all models in Gigapixel AI when using GPU-powered Windows machines. Reduced memory usage We’ve streamlined how we cache and utilize image data through the entire editing pipeline, resulting in less memory usage and faster importing and exporting of image files. Lots of usability improvements and bug fixes We’ve improved the post-processing resize algorithm, optimized how we compress JPG, PNG, and TIFF files when exporting, and squashed a bunch of annoying bugs. » More information and sample images on the Topazlabs website
  5. Dear Forum Members and Readers, I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Good Rest and a Happy New Year! Enjoy the time with your loved ones, feast and drink (in moderation) and above all: Stay healthy! Greetings from Andreas & the Moderator Team
  6. Hallo und willkommen, du bist hier im internationalen – englischsprachigen – Fuji X Forum gelandet. Mehr deutschsprachige Antworten bekommst du hier: https://www.fuji-x-forum.de Zu deiner Frage: Das lässt sich aus mehreren Gründen nicht so einfach beantworten. Es fehlen technische Infos Welche Kamera benutzt du? Was für eine Blitzanlage nutzt du? Wie sind Kamera und Blitzanlage gekoppelt? Du kennst offensichtlich Kamera noch nicht so gut Studiofotografie mit einer Blitzanlage ist kein Hexenwerk, aber man muss schon die Grundlagen verstanden haben, wie Blende, ISO, Belichtungszeit (eher wenig), Blitzleistung, Abstände etc. miteinander zusammen hängen. Zwei konkrete Tipps: Tipp 1: Try & Error Bau eine Lichtsituation auf Mach so lange Testaufnahmen, bis die Belichtung stimmt: Blitzleistung runter regeln so weit es geht Blende schließen ISO reduzieren Tipp 2: Lieber Dauerlicht nutzen Gruß Andreas
  7. DxO has massive Black Friday rebates – up to 50% off until Monday! Nik Collection by DxO 50% off , at 74,99$ from 149$ DxO PhotoLab 4 Elite 40% off , at 119,99$ from 199$ DxO Filmpack 50% off, at 64,99$ from 129$ DxO Viewpoint 50% off, at 24,99$ from 49$
  8. A bit late, but now we have a dedicated video forum: https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/forum/42-fuji-x-video/
  9. Thanks for the suggestion – here we go! https://www.fuji-x-forum.com/forum/42-fuji-x-video/
  10. Hi folks, here is an update to our last Fujifilm Lens survey (whose options were a bit outdated after four years) Tell us wich are… Your Two Most Used Fujinon Lenses Please vote above (multiple choice, please vote only two lenses) and Comments welcome below! Keep In Mind: it's not about your favorite lens, not even about the lenses you own... this is all about the lenses you use the most overall! Happy Voting! Andreas
  11. We'll report this one to our contacts at Fujifilm. But please understand that we are not affiliated to Fujifilm in any way... Andreas
  12. Buy Capture One Fujifilm 20 now and save with the voucher code SPRING25! Until March 31, Phase One is offering a voucher code SPRING25 on the Fujifilm version of the Capture One 20 RAW converter, valid for perpetual licenses as well as for the subscriptions. By the way: the newly released version 20.0.3 also supports Fujifilm X-T4 and Fujifilm X100V! » Capture One Fujifilm 20 (save 25% with code SPRING25)
  13. Fuji has released a number of firmware updates this week: Fuji X-Pro 3 Version 1.04 (Download) The phenomenon is fixed that in rare case, the electrical viewfinder display doesn’t work well. Fuj X-T2 Version 4.31 (Download) Fix of minor bug Fuji X-A7 Version 1.10 (Download) Addition of the My Menu function. – New Features Guide The My Menu function, previously available mainly in high-end models of the X Series, is now available for the X-A7. Up to 16 frequently-used items can be registered with this function so that users can create their original menu that suits their personal preference and shooting style. The feature reduces the effort required to find a specific item from the camera menu, improving your shooting experience. Touchscreen operation for controlling bokeh when shooting in the P Mode. The new firmware makes it possible to use a touchscreen operation in Program Shift to adjust aperture values while shooting in the P (Program Auto) mode. This allows easy and intuitive adjustment of bokeh in the P Mode. Even under busy Wi-Fi environment, the connectivity between the application for a smartphone (FUJIFILM Camera Remote) and a camera is improved. Fix of minor bugs Fuji X-Pro1 Version 3.81 (Download) The phenomenon is fixed that white vignetting in the four corners could occur when used with XF16-80mmF4 R. Fuji X-E1 Version 2.71 (Download) The phenomenon is fixed that white vignetting in the four corners could occur when used with XF16-80mmF4 R. Fujinon XF 8-16mm f/2.8 Version 1.01 (Download) Fix of minor bug
  14. Tuesday announced during the Fuji X Summit in London: The Fuji X-T4 will be unveiled on February 26th! What are your expectations?
  15. During the 3rd X Summit, Fuji announced the fifth version of the Fuji X100 series – the Fuji X100V. The Fuji X100V at a glance 26.1 MP APS-C Sensor X-Trans 4 Processor Newly developed FUJINON 23 mm 1:2.0 lens (35mm in 35 mm format) ISO 160 - 12,800 (extended ISO 80 - 51,200) 20 fps continuous shooting speed with electronic shutter (11 fps mechanical) 3" tilt display with touch function and 1.6 MP resolution Hybrid viewfinder: Optical viewfinder and electronic viewfinder with 3.6 MP Built-in ND filter (4 EV / 16x) 4k 30p / FullHD 120p Video Weatherproof Fuji X100V Images Fujifilm launches “FUJIFILM X100V” New evolution of the X100 Series, the origin of premium compact digital cameras Sophisticated design that exudes functional beauty The newly-developed high-performance lens for premium image quality The world's only viewfinder that switches between optical and electronic options in pursuit of the photography style of “shooting through the viewfinder” Tokyo, February 5, 2020 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce the launch of the premium compact digital camera “FUJIFILM X100V” (hereinafter “X100V”) in late February 2020. The X100V features a newly-developed high-performance lens on its camera body, designed with functional beauty and sophistication. It is equipped with the latest image sensor and image processing engine to deliver premium-quality images with the company's signature color-reproduction technology. In addition the evolved version of the Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder offers inter-switchable optical and electronic options, in pursuit of the photography style of “shooting through the viewfinder.” Fujifilm pioneered a new market segment of premium compact digital cameras in 2011 with the launch of the FUJIFILM X100, the inaugural model of the X100 Series. The X100 Series has established a distinctive market position as premium compact digital cameras. It has won great acclaim from users around the world for its sophisticated exterior design, facilitating intuitive operability, and advanced image quality based on Fujifilm's signature color reproduction technology that has been refined over 80 years. The X100V is the fifth-generation model of the X100 Series. While maintaining the Series' popular design in principle, the new model uses aluminum for the top and bottom plates of the camera body, applying advanced metal processing technology. It has achieved sharp looks to the edges while keeping the surfaces smooth. The use of a tilting rear LCD monitor and dials on the top plate enables intuitive operations and gives the camera body design sophistication exuding functional beauty. A high-performance lens with ultra resolution has been newly developed for this model. The back-illuminated 26.1MP “X-Trans™ CMOS 4”* sensor and the “X-Processor 4” high-speed image processing engine are combined with Fujifilm's unique color reproduction technology to produce premium-quality stills and videos in “memory colors,” i.e. vivid colors exactly as you remember. The X100V equips the Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder, the world's only** viewfinder that can be switched between optical viewfinder (OVF) and electronic viewfinder (EVF). The EVF uses a newly developed organic electroluminescent (EL) panel with capability of high-resolution, high luminance, high contrast to provide enhanced immersiveness in photography shooting experience. The X100V is a digital camera that integrates excellent design and operability, perfected with attention to detail, with functions that achieve outstanding image quality. It will give photographic pleasure and a sense of joy to own such excellent camera to a wide range of users including professional photographers and photography enthusiasts. **X-Trans™ is a trademark or registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.** ***As of February 5, 2020. According to Fujifilm.** Main product features (1) Sophisticated design exuding functional beauty This is the first X100 Series camera that uses aluminum for its top and bottom plates. Aluminum, highly shapeable metal, has been milled into shape to achieve sharp looks to the edges and fine blasting treatment produces smooth texture on the surface. The body has been further colored with alumite treatment to achieve a premium appearance. For the first time in the X100 Series, this model features a two-way tilting rear LCD monitor that enables various shooting styles from high and low angles. The monitor's excellent touch-response performance guarantees intuitive operability. The ultra-thin LCD monitor can be stored flush in the back panel to achieve an integral body design with a sense of style. The X100V offers an ISO dial, built into the shutter speed dial, allowing users to check and adjust various settings without having to turn the camera on. When adjusting ISO sensitivity, users can pull the outer rim of the Built-In ISO Dial up to lock for added convenience. The camera features a grip shaped for a comfortable hold and various buttons optimally positioned for easy operation, promising a great shooting experience. (2) Premium image quality achieved with the newly-developed high-performance lens combined with the latest image sensor and image processing engine Using optical technologies developed through the industry-leading “FUJINON lenses,” including lenses for cinema cameras, Fujifilm has newly developed a bright prime lens with the focal length of 23mm (equivalent to 35mm in the 35mm film format) and the maximum aperture of F2. The lens, specifically designed for the X100V using two aspherical lens elements, delivers edge-to-edge sharpness in high resolution and high contrast. The X100V uses the back-illuminated 26.1MP “X-Trans™ CMOS 4” sensor and the “X-Processor 4” high-speed image processing engine. They are combined with Fujifilm's unique color reproduction technology, refined for over 80 years, to produce “memory colors,” i.e. vivid colors exactly as you remember. (3) Evolved “Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder” in pursuit of the photography style of “shooting through the viewfinder” The X100V features the world's only “Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder,” allowing users to instantaneously switch between the optical viewfinder (OVF), which captures the photo subject exactly as it is, and the electronic viewfinder (EVF), which reflects exposure and other shooting conditions adjustments. The EVF uses a high-resolution 3.69-million-dot organic EL panel for the first time in the X100 Series. It boasts the maximum luminous intensity of 1500 candelas and high contrast to display even intricate details in highlights and shadows, providing enhanced immersiveness in photography. In the OVF mode, the viewfinder offers the Electronic Rangefinder function to display a small EVF window at the same time. The feature has been developed to bring out the maximum viewfinder potential, allowing users to capture the subject as it is while enlarging the focusing area in the small EVF. This function provides added convenience when taking snapshots. (4) Expanded array of shooting functions The use of the latest algorithm enables the camera to realize fast and accurate phase-detection AF at the minimum luminance of -5EV, which is close to pitch darkness. The performance of Face and Eye AF has also been improved. The Focus Limiter function, which limits the range of focal lengths for using AF, assists a smooth shooting experience with AF. The X100V offers a total of 17 Film Simulation modes to provide versatile tonal variations. It enables a high contrast finish with three-dimensional definitions with the “CLASSIC Neg” mode, which simulates color negative film traditionally chosen for snapshots of day-to-day scenes. The “ETERNA” mode, which simulates the colors and tonality of Fujifilm's motion picture film, allows users to record video in subdued colors and rich shadow tones. The X100V also has the “Grain Effect” function for reproducing distinctive graininess seen in photographs taken with film cameras. Users can adjust size and strength settings to control the degree of grain. The camera is capable of recording smooth 4K video at 30fps. In the Full-HD modes, video can be recorded at even smoother 60fps for premium video quality. (5) Various optional accessories for expanding photographic enjoyment The use of the adapter ring “AR-X100” and the protection filter “PRF-49” makes this camera dust and moisture resistant for users to enjoy shooting in light rain or dusty outdoor conditions. Two conversion lenses are available to alter the camera's focal length without compromising its optical performance or f-stop value, further broadening photographic pleasure. ① Wide conversion lens “WCL-X100 II” Mounting this conversion lens widens the focal length by 0.8x to 19mm (equivalent to 28mm in the 35mm film format), perfect for landscape photography. ② Tele-conversion lens “TCL-X100 II” Mounting this conversion lens extends the focal length by 1.4x to 33mm (equivalent to 50mm in the 35mm film format), ideal for portraiture taking advantage of a natural perspective. The genuine leather case “LC-X100V” gives a premium appearance. A memory card or a battery can be replaced while the case is attached to the camera.
  16. On February 4, Fujifilm will host the third Fujifilm X Summit in London. Starting at 8pm, discussions and announcements can be followed live on the live stream. Not yet officially announced: If new products will be launched … For more information, schedule and live stream, visit the Fujifilm X Summit website
  17. Fuji has released a firmware update for the new Fuji X-Pro3. Version 1.03 has these features: The phenomenon is fixed that in rare cases, a freeze could occur. The phenomenon is fixed that the color tone of recorded images is not recorded correctly in AF-C mode and continuous shooting. » Official Fujifilm Download Site
  18. Fuji has released a Fuji X-T3 firmware update. Version 3.20 has these features: Enhanced autofocus. Improving the tracking performance of the eye AF frame, making it easier to attain accurate autofocus on the eyes. Improving face-detection performance when there are faces of different sizes within the same frame, making it easier to attain accurate autofocus. Improving autofocus capability on a foreground subject even when there is a mixture of foreground and background subjects within a AF frame, causing the foreground subject to go out of focus, e.g. when shooting flowers against a busy background. Capability to save up to 9,999 pictures in each folder. Until now, the number of pictures that can be saved in a folder on an SD card was limited to 999. This update will raise the limit by ten times to 9,999 pictures. The phenomena below during a movie shooting are fixed. Focus hunting at the minimum aperture. A black line can sometimes appear on the bottom of the center. Fix of minor bugs. » Official Fujifilm Download Site
  19. Fujifilm launches mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM X-T200” Unique color reproduction technology to capture precious memories in vivid colors A compact and lightweight camera body with 4K video capability and fast AF that can accurately focus on a moving subject, faces and eyes Tokyo, January 23, 2020 — FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce the addition of the “FUJIFILM X-T200” (X-T200) to the lineup of the X Series of compact and lightweight mirrorless digital cameras that deliver outstanding image quality with Fujifilm's proprietary color reproduction technology. The X-T200 is scheduled to be released in late February 2020. The X-T200 is a mirrorless digital camera that inherits the “central viewfinder style,” adopted by the popular X-T Series such as the FUJIFILM X-T3 that boasts advanced mobility and excellent operability. The compact and lightweight camera body, weighing just 370g*, is equipped with an APS-C sensor packing 24.24 million pixels and a high-performance image processing engine. The use of the unique color reproduction technology, nurtured over many years, recreates “memory colors” or colors as one remembers in one's memory, such as naturally beautiful skin tones, vivid lush greens of early summer and deep blues of the sky on a bright sunny day. The camera's AF performance has been enhanced by placing on-sensor phase detection pixels across the sensor and adopting a further evolved algorithm. This enables outstanding AF tracking of a moving subject and AF on faces / eyes, as well as giving the ability to attain focus quickly and accurately even in low light conditions. The X-T200 is a mirrorless digital camera capable of producing not only premium-quality photos but also full-fledged video, catering to the needs of photography enthusiasts and users who want to step up from smartphone cameras, trying to capture and record precious memories with ease and in high image quality. Fujifilm will continue to evolve the X Series including the X-T200, the GFX Series of mirrorless digital cameras incorporating with large format** sensors and their extensive lens lineups to deliver the joy of photography. * Including the supplied battery and a memory card ** An image sensor measuring 55mm diagonally (43.8mm x 32.9mm), with the area approximately 1.7 times that of a 35mm sensor Main features (1) Small and lightweight body, unique color reproduction technology and excellent AF performance for capturing photos of premium image quality with ease The 370g compact and lightweight body, some 80g lighter than the previous model***, contains a 24.24MP APS-C sensor and a high-performance image processing engine. The use of the unique color reproduction technology, nurtured over 80 years, recreates “memory colors” or colors as one remembers in one's memory, such as naturally beautiful skin tones, vivid lush greens of early summer and deep blues of the sky on a bright sunny day. The camera's AF performance has been enhanced by placing on-sensor phase detection pixels across the sensor and adopting a further evolved algorithm. This enables outstanding AF tracking of a moving subject and AF on faces / eyes, as well as giving the ability to attain focus quickly and accurately even in low light conditions. The camera also offers a variety of automatic functions including the Advanced SR Auto, which automatically selects the optimum shooting settings according to given scenes such as portrait, landscape and night scape, so that the users can take high-quality pictures with ease. The sensor uses copper wiring to make the speed of data readout 3.5 times faster than that of the previous model**, thereby significantly reducing the rolling shutter effect4. The camera boasts continuous shooting of 8fps. It is combined with the fast and accurate AF capability to capture a decisive photo moment. ***Compared to the mirrorless digital camera “FUJIFILM X-T100” *4A distortion to a subject that occurs when shooting a fast-moving subject with the electronic shutter (2) Outstanding operability with the bright and large widescreen LCD monitor and other features The X-T200 features a 3.5-inch widescreen LDC monitor with the aspect ratio of 16:9, offering the touch response performance equivalent to or greater than smartphones in general to enable intuitive operations. Shooting settings can be easily adjusted with touchscreen operations while users visually check exposure and the degree of bokeh on the screen. The monitor has a high level of clear visibility thanks to its maximum luminous intensity of approximately 1,000 candelas, double the brightness of the previous model's*** monitor, displaying the subject clearly even on a bright sunny day outdoors. The monitor has a “vari-angle” structure that allows users to adjust the monitor to any angles, facilitating photo shooting from low and high angles. It can also be flipped for easy “self portraits” in conjunction with the Face / Eye AF. The use of the easy-to-hold grip design ensures that the camera sits comfortably in one's hand. It remains stable even when mounted with a large telephoto zoom lens for photo shooting. (3) Featuring shooting functions that enable versatile color tones and artistic expressions The X-T200 offers 11 variations of Fujifilm's unique Film Simulation Modes including Velvia and PROVIA, making it possible to choose from different color tones and expressions according to the subject or scene as if users are opting to use different photographic film. “Clarity Filter” has been added to bring the total number of Advanced Filters to 20, adding advanced artistic flair to images to expand the scope of one's photographic expressions. The X-T200 has a built-in pop-up flash, integrally designed into the viewfinder section. The camera automatically controls light output according to each scene and distance to the subject, so as to prevent highlight clipping for a natural presentation of the subject in flash photography. (4) Enhanced video recording functions including full-scale 4K video The X-T200 reads data from all the pixels on the sensor and uses the ample information equivalent to 6K to produce 4K video, resulting in low-noise and premium-quality footage. The camera records smooth 4K video at 30fps, or even smoother video at 60fps in the Full-HD and HD video modes. The camera's HDR movie mode controls highlight and shadow clipping even in situations with significant contrast in light levels for enriched tonality. Full-HD video can be recorded at the rate of 120fps, providing smooth video even in slow-motion replay of a fast moving subject. It will be the first Fujifilm digital camera to feature the Digital Gimbal Mode. It uses gyro sensors to accurately detect even the slightest of vibrations to control camera shakes during video recording. The “Cut & Edit” function has been newly added to trim recorded video. This shortens the duration of video replay and reduces data size, making it easier to post video on social media or share it with family and friends. (5) Expanding the joy of photography with the interchangeable lens to be released at the same time The “FUJINON Lens XC35mmF2,” to be released at the same time as the X-T200, is a compact standard lens with the maximum aperture of F2.0 and the focal length of 35mm, weighing just 130g and measuring 46.5mm. Its fast and silent AF capability, and its exceptional portability allow the users to enjoy a light-footed shooting style.
  20. Phase One today introduces Capture One 20, a new version of its image editing software. According to the manufacturer, the feedback of the users played the most important role in the further development. The improvements include… new and improved editing tools, Workflow simplifications with a great effect and support for more cameras As with previous versions, Capture One 20 can be purchased both as a perpetual license or as subscription software. The unlimited full version costs 349 €, the subscription starts at 18 € per month. Upgrades from previous versions start at 169 €. Capture One 20 for Sony and Capture One 20 Fujifilm, which only support the RAW files of the respective camera manufacturers, cost 149 € as full version, or 9 € as subscription. » Capture One 20 in the Online Store » Download trial version New features in Capture One 20 The most important improvements compared to the previous version are... a new basic color editor, with which colors can be easily selected and edited within the image. a revised HDR tool, an easy-to-use tool for cropping images Improved noise reduction The improvements in detail: New Basic Color Editor The palette for color editing has been completely reworked, among others: There are now eight instead of six color ranges that can be edited individually The changes in this palette can now be applied to layers. The functions can be applied directly in the image via "Click & Drag": Clicking marks a certain color, by dragging in different directions, e.g. hue, saturation and brightness are changed Enhanced HDR tool Two additional sliders for black and white allow even finer processing of the image contrast. For even more precise control, you can still use gradation curves. Improved noise reduction The noise reduction process has been revised to better preserve colors, details and patterns. The effect of the sliders is now more visible in the image. Improved cropping of images Image trimming is much easier with Capture One 20 and is oriented to other programs: Grabs at the edges of the crop area. Centred cropping with ALT key Shift key preserves the aspect ratio Free image rotation by Cmd/Ctrl key or by moving the cursor out of the crop area Noise reduction HDR Tool Crop Tool Color Editing Capture One 20 Workflow Improvement The tool area on the left side of the screen is now divided into two areas, one of which is fixed at the top and the other freely scrollable. Palettes can be moved from one to the other area depending on your preferences in order to optimize the personal workflow. Another detail that will be helpful when processing image batches: Capture One 20 can be configured to move to the next image after marking images. It is now possible to apply processing layers from one image to others without replacing existing layers. Finally new cameras are now supported, for example: Leica V-LUX 5 Olympus E-M5 III Canon EOS M6 II Lumix S1H Nikon Z50 Generic GoPro RAW support Here is a full list with all Capture One 20 changes and improvements. » Capture One 20 Online Store » Download test version
  21. Sorry, should work now. Otherwise use this link: https://captureone.sjv.io/c/230393/551650/8798 Regards Andreas
  22. Save 30% On Capture One All Products! Until December 1st Phase One offers 30% on all Capture One Software Packages! In these products the Capture 20 update (coming soon) is included: Capture One Pro 12, perpetual Capture One Pro 12 perpetual + 3 Styles Capture One Pro 12 perpetual + 6 Styles Capture One Pro Fujifilm 12 perpetual Capture One Pro Fujifilm 12 perpetual + 3 Styles Capture One Pro Fujifilm 12 perpetual + 6 Styles » Save 30% on all Capture One Software Packages!
  23. Capture One will make a big leap in the near future – at last the version number Capture One 20 will come soon and you can have two big saves! If you order Capture One 12 until October 31st… You'll get the Capture One 20 Update for free and You'll save 10% on your purchase! The offer is valid for all perpetual licenses, including the Fuji Edition und style bundles! Simply use the Coupon Code OCT-AF-ZEP during the order process 10% rebate are deducted automatically Upgrade is in your cart – for free » Get Capture One 12 incl. free Capture One 20 upgrade with 10% rebate Update: Offer is expired - sorry!
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