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  1. I think it's on the high side since the body is so old but it's a nice combination to start with. Keep in mind though that the autofocus is really slow and quite bad in low light. The image quality is still very nice though, so if it's ok with you you have some misfocus shots and you can take your time with the kind of photography you do it's a really nice combo, the 18-55 is great. Here are some fun x-e1 in 2019 reviews: https://themostbeautifulworld.com/blog/fuji-review-xe1-2019 https://fujilove.com/fujifilm-x-e1-it-still-has-its-place-not-only-in-my-heart/ https://robingblog.com/2019/02/06/top-5-reasons-to-buy-the-fujifilm-x-e1-now/
  2. I definitely see what you mean and it's not normal. Even though the 23mm f/2.0 doesn't have as nice bokeh as the f/1.4 version it should be better. Can you return it and try another one?
  3. Still love the rendering best (together with the 14mm and 56mm) Bunches of yellow prunes by Licht Sluw, on Flickr Sea Buckthorn by Licht Sluw, on Flickr Halfway there by Licht Sluw, on Flickr
  4. Sharper is just not true, especially with the 23 and 50/56mm ones.
  5. Sunbathing blindworm by Licht Sluw, on Flickr
  6. They've always released lenses at this pace, some call it fast, some call it slow. They've also been releasing the lighter WR lenses... 23, 35 and 50 f/2.0. The missing lenses in their line-up are niche lenses so they might not be the focus but all rumours AND fuji's own lens roadmap show it'll release this year.
  7. Since all the updates and the new X-T2/X-Pro2/X-T20 focussing system it isn't slow anymore. It's not the fastest but definitely way faster than before and totally usable.
  8. Bunches of yellow prunes by Licht Sluw, on Flickr
  9. Maybe there should be a sticky topic called "Don't worry, Fuji lenses make clunking noises"
  10. Amazing photos Tom! I just came across this article (the cockpit) and this article (the views) of another pilot making photographs from his office and thought of your photos ;-) might be some cool inspiration. Most are wide-angle, small aperture, longer exposure.
  11. When the sun just set. Crystal beach by Licht Sluw, on Flickr
  12. It's the autofocus motor, not the stabilisation.
  13. Vanilla sky by Licht Sluw, on Flickr
  14. So... looks like there are some bad copies to me. That's a pity, quality control is very important to build a trusted brand. I'm glad mine is fine.
  15. Sea Buckthorn by Licht Sluw, on Flickr
  16. If you're shooting in very controlled conditions or a studio it's great fun to try indeed. But if you want to shoot people who are slightly moving it's very hard to get them in good focus. And I definitely wouldn't say the fujinon 100mm f/2.8 is even close to the 90mm f/2.0. There are multiple tests online, one example http://forum.mflenses.com/quick-and-dirty-100mm-test-fujinon-pentacon-tamron-t25739.htmlhttp://forum.mflenses.com/quick-and-dirty-100mm-test-fujinon-pentacon-tamron-t25739.html.
  17. The difference of colour of the glass is interesting though... the inside of the lens is/should be the same colour. Usually I'd say it's a different coating but that would be strange...
  18. Yes, the only Fujinon lens I tried which wasn't really sharp is the 35mm f/2.0 and the 18mm. I like the 18mm though.
  19. Since people are posting images in not optimal conditions (wind, dark room) I'll also add a few in bright daylight ;-) If you post images you're not happy with people can see if it's something you should expect or not. The post is pretty old and no reactions so far so I guess the topic starter won't even see this though... La Rocca by Licht Sluw, on Flickr Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore by Licht Sluw, on Flickr Paleis voor Schone Kunsten by Licht Sluw, on Flickr
  20. Ha smart! Unfortunately not the same shutter speed but it's something.
  21. Would be interesting indeed and would love to see that as well. If somebody has both it'd be interesting to shoot the same subject under the same conditions and settings. I only tried the f/2.0 lens for a day (and own the 1.4) but didn't do a real comparison... stupid. Something like this in uncorrected raw for both close subject and landscape would be nice. - f/1.4 vs f/2.0 - f/2.0 vs f/2.0 - f/8.0 vs f/8.0 Edit: there IS a comparison although not focussed on character and colour as I'd like to see . fujivsfuji Conclusion: the f/2.0 is the best choice for most people since it's also a lot cheaper and a great lens. If you want the best quality the f/1.4 is still the best.
  22. Yes it's worth the extra weight, especially since you want to shoot in low light. A larger aperture = better low-light performance. And with the latest firmware the AF is pretty good.
  23. Do you mean you never use the 14mm? Since you don't have the 10-24 yet ;-) I'd keep your 14mm or sell it and buy a cheaper option (Samyang 12mm) if you don't use wide angle a lot. Personally i prefer smaller lenses, the 10-24 is a bit too heavy and big on my x-e camera for my taste. I usually leave zooms at home and take my 14, 27 or 35 1.4
  24. It's not cheap, but for a cinema lens it's cheap (camera + lens is around 5000 not the lens alone), it's built completely different than a normal lens. You keep focus when zooming no framing differences when focussing etc. Loads of "standard" cinema lenses are around €3000 - €5000 alone. Of course there are cheaper lenses which pretend to be cinema lenses but they are not. @Milandro there were problems at first with overheating, it was a software problem, now you can film 30 mins no problem. So yes there are trade offs and there are better camera's + lenses, but it will be an amazing set up for loads and loads of situations especially at this pricepoint. Check this preview of the lens by CamerastoreTV.
  25. There are exclusively videocameras which are better than the X-T2 but they're also way more expensive. If you're making video for web and tv it's awesome. Boundaries between photo and video are fading for a while and there are already people buying and X-T2 exclusively for video (or Panasonic GH-4/GX80, Canon 80D or Sony A7). Compared to dedicated video camera's the X-T2 + cinema lens is a cheap and valid option. On Cinema 5D
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