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  1. It appears to be a bad copy of Brian's popular X-Transformer plug-in. Here's a comparison: https://www.flickr.com/gp/ricopfirstinger/Qm91fG Drawbacks of the Adobe version: Adobe's DNGs are absurdly large (a lossless compressed RAF of 29 MB becomes an Adobe DNG of 126 MB. X-Transformer manages the same with only 67 MB despite full RGB demosaicing). Adobe's DR issue that's related RAW shadow pushing (especially 12 bit RAFs) is even amplified, while X-Transformer perfectly solves it. There are sometimes more artifacts instead of fewer. There are color shifts.
  2. I simply use Windows 10 on my Mac (on a virtual machine powered by Parallels).
  3. It's idiot-proof. Even I can use it.
  4. Depends on what you compare it to. Shot noise: obviously not, read noise: yes or no, depending on where you come from. Since DR is a combination of both (with minimal read noise and high ISO-invariance as a prerequisite), your mileage will vary. For example, even the entry-level Fujifilm X-A3 matches the DR of a ultra-high-end Canon EOS 5DS R landscape camera, but it can't beat a Nikon D750/810/850.
  5. After a few weeks of contemplation, I have decided to replace my X-T20 with the new X-E3 as my travel system camera. While I miss the tilting screen of the T20, I prefer the speed and convenience of the E3's focus stick. All things considered, I'm faster with it, and I'm used to working with it from my X-Pro2, X-T2, X100F and GFX 50S. Unlike the tilt screen, the stick it something I use with pretty much every shot, so I benefit from it all the time. I also like the superior firmware of the E3, because it includes all those improvements from the two recent X-T2 firmware updates, such as an AF ALL mode, a super-small AF frame, putting ISO on a command dial, up to 15 minutes of T exposure time, separate Shutter-AE/AF settings for AF-S and AF-C, etc. etc. Finally, there are the color histogram with live overexposure warning blinkies that I use all the time in my GFX, and the much faster/better AF tracking algo (which will only come to the T2 in November and who knows when to the T20). Price is identical with the X-T20, so the E3 it is.
  6. 80mm: XT2C8597 by Rico Pfirstinger, auf Flickr 90mm: XT2C8580 by Rico Pfirstinger, auf Flickr
  7. Swirly bokeh. Some like it, some don't... XT2A4422 by Rico Pfirstinger, auf Flickr XT2A4430 by Rico Pfirstinger, auf Flickr
  8. With XF2x TC WR at MFD (2:1 macro) and f/18 deep in diffraction country... XT2A4405 by Rico Pfirstinger, auf Flickr
  9. More German stuff: https://fuji-x-secrets.net/2017/09/11/fujifilm-x-e3-pro-contra/
  10. All my three German X-E3 articles are now online: https://fuji-x-secrets.net/2017/09/07/fujifilm-x-e3-so-funktioniert-das-neue-af-system/ https://fuji-x-secrets.net/2017/09/08/der-vergleich-x-e3-vs-x-e2s-vs-x-t20/ https://fuji-x-secrets.net/2017/09/11/fujifilm-x-e3-pro-contra/
  11. Only two, all pre-production, but good enough for my modest requirements.
  12. Yep. More flashes with the Lion battery, recycle is a bit faster, too (but not that much if use current Eneloop Pro batteries in the TT685). I have 5 TT685F, 1 V860IIF, 2 TT600 and 1 TT350F. There is also a Lion version of the TT600.
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