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  1. I would certain agree with you, over the last year I have taken a lot less of gear with me even on assignment, just barest minimum needed and make do with whatever I have. This somehow changed my bag but still at times I do regret to taken this lens, or that light or even an extra flash with me for some extra effect. I think I am going to slightly alter it toward "if it fits inside this bag, then I will take it with me, just in case". This is far from perfect but still works on general terms.
  2. I went another road for the paid shots, went and got myself a Nikon D500 and I did compared both the X-T2 and D500 and in term of AF speed, 3D tracking and buffer, the X-T2 while being superior to the X-T1 is still lacking compared to the D500. The X-T3 might close the gap even further but I tend to use the right tool for the right job. Don't get me wrong, I still love my X-T1, very much so, the shooting experience with the Fuji camera is still far above what I feel from my Nikon gear. Now if I am being paid, I will take my Nikon gear with me, if I am there for my own pleasure, that's where the Fuji comes in. My X-T-1 never leaves my daily bag with either of the 35mm lens on it or 27mm when I want the lowest profile.
  3. Still, the X-T2 is a good camera, I just really don't like the fact that you need the extra battery grip to unlock the full potential of the camera, while on the other hand Olympus just released a new camera that is so impressive that makes every single other one from their company look like flying pieces of turds. The X-T2 essentially feels like a slightly upgraded X-T1, I feel no need to buy it, it doesn't change much of from the X-T1 to value the extra money in it. Plus, the X-T1 still remain an excellent camera, it has a few weaknesses in faster moving subjects but ISO stuck at 6400 but that aside, it really is an enjoyable camera.
  4. Meh... Ken Rockwell review... it's worth about that much in my books. He sung all the praises for the X-T1 at the release and now suddenly the X-T2 is not good enough ?
  5. I honestly don't think IBIS will ever be incorporated into their bodies, it has been stated several times in numerous places and events. Now, if IBIS is something you really need, but still want fast primes and weight is an issue for you, Olympus is doing something really impressive with their new EM-1 MkII camera. So far, almost no other systems have as many primes as the m43 system. But you would lose some of the low light performances (smaller sensor) and a tad bit on general lens quality. Also, the Sony A7II will be 2 years old next spring, while the X-T2 just got recently released and you need to take the lenses into considerations too. I would personally prefer to have a super bad body with a great lens then the contrary.
  6. Really ?! At Photokina it was still marked with "Early 2017" tag on their displayed lenses.
  7. Then again neither did canikon but you know better than try to hand held a 400 F4 on any body
  8. Err... Well from what I heard, it said Q2 or Q3 next year, so more like anything between 6 to 12 months. It is like that 23 F2, still no official release date, it is expected to be early 2017 but nothing is set in stone yet. I saw it behind closed glass panels but that's about it. There wasn't even a demo version on the show. Or at least I am not high enough on the food chain to get on the back rooms of Fuji.
  9. Do a mix of 2 part of bicarbonate of sodium and 1 part of per-carbonate of sodium mix in warm water and soak the whole bag in for a least a night. Use table spoon for measures, it will be sufficient enough. After drying if it still smell still persist, do the same mix in the wash machine, let it run normally for colored textile, that should do the trick. At least that's how I get rid of my pets urine on their blankets, it still has to fail me.
  10. Just be aware that you will lose the aperture control since there are no connectors between the Nikon F mount and Fuji XF. There are no smart adapter for the time being, so all of them are only various level of plastic/aluminium quality and shouldn't cost you more than 20$ most of the time. In all honesty, I would rather use the Fuji 35 lens, first of all, it will be smaller and light than any other contraption you could find. You wouldn't lose the AF nor the aperture control either. And the 35 F1.4 is still one of the most beloved lens on the Fuji, you will not go wrong with it.
  11. In Belgium, the X-T2 is still in back order, the shipments should be starting next week or so.
  12. Finally, it was about time that we got at least one light manufacturer who would embrace Fuji bodies. I am getting tired to wonder which trigger would work or not with the X-T1 while doing studio works...
  13. It's an early beta version, they will never allow any SD card anywhere near that model at this point, I was at the Sigma booth to get physical in touch with the 85 F1.4, the 12-24 F4 and the 500 F4 and I had to negotiate quite a bit with the Sigma representative to mount them onto my camera and had to physically taken out all the cards in the body before I could snap at anything. And the Sigma lenses are pretty much production ready at this point, the GFX still has quite a bit of road to walk before it even gets there.
  14. I thought of that, but the glue would be the weak point and it will certainly have some issues. I would prefer to have fully molded plastic to hold everything. But hey, the rear lens caps are rather cheap, so I could have some fun with it.
  15. I have the 10-24 F4 and because of it, I see no point in owning the 14 F2.8, the extra stop of light can be mitigated by the OIS by going lower speed. The 23 F1.4 is something I need to really consider, it's about the same size and weight, but almost 3 stop of light could be nice but the gain doesn't seems that appealing to me because of the weight. Now the smaller 23 F2 is really appealing, the light gain is still nice but it looks a lot smaller, plus WR, which is something the 10-24 greatly lacks in for needs. So it could be my walk around wider lens in almost all weather.
  16. Use a double strap, one on the lens collar the other one on the camera body, it will help a bit to mitigate the weight issue. In personal experience, I never had much issues with a Nikkor 70-200 2.8 on any of the Nikon camera I have used, but I never had them for several hours, usually it's about a couple of hours at most as it's freakingly heavy...
  17. Maybe 10-15% less in a couple of years if we have to follow the trends of other MF cameras, like the Pentax 645z for example. The lens might not even move as much...
  18. It's a shame, I will only be able to make to Photokina on Sunday 25th. It would have been a pleasure to meet someone from this forum :]
  19. Yep, they are doing better with each iteration of it, will it ever be as good as some others ? Maybe, but at least I have the file management that is just plain great to work with.
  20. If I have to travel super light but still need to backup my photos, I have a 500 gb SSD in an USB powered case and use my RAVPower Wireless Card Reader to transfer the data around. That is usually sufficient for quite a long time for me and doesn't require too much space. As for SD cards, I always have 3 high speed (80+ mbps) 64 GB cards along 2 slower class 10 micro SD cards with converters at 32 GB each. All that is stored in a Peak Design Pouch along a couple of USB cables, a Fuji traveler USB charger for the batteries, a couple of extra batteries and a Pocket WiFi and a 2 ports wall charger.
  21. The PeakDesign Tote bag on their current Kickstarter page looks nice, I might get one much later since I do need to carry diapers and some camera gear when going out for a small sortie with the whole family. Plus, it looks fulls of usability even without camera gear.
  22. Mine is still all fine too even tho it fell on gravel twice and one of them was a frontal lens landing. I am still honestly surprise that everything is still working after that.
  23. It's a balance at the moment, until LR get things just right for Fuji XF sensor or the other catching up to Adobe level of user usability/features. I picked my poison and stayed with LR as I love their file management system and usage of tags. For the rest, I can live with it. It's not perfect, specially for the greens, so I just need to keep an eye about that part and live with the rest.
  24. If you do not mind paying a bit of money for a pro software, I would second jlmphotos' advice for Affinity. It's lacking on the files managements that exist with Lightroom but it does everything else almost as good. I am currently testing the beta version for Windows, so far, I have been relatively impressed by the quality of it. Clearly it's a pre-production level software but it really show nice promises and you only need to buy it once and enjoy free updates, unlike a certain major player company... >.>
  25. Depends on how Fuji want to do it, either they go back to the R&D and works on the XF sensor to be converted into MF or use one that is already existing on the market and just adapt their technology to it. Both solutions are perfectly viable on a production level, I guess it's mostly a choice that Fuji had/would made.
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