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Boats, ships & Ocean liner (OPEN TOPIC)

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    • By andrew brown
      Had a weekend at Chatham in Kent staying with some friends, during which we got to enjoy a walk around the old Naval Base/ Naval Museum and surrounding walks etc.
      Along the way we came along this view of the yacjts all moored and apparently in a fairly straight line. A quick reach into my pocket resulted in this image being created - it's why you own a camera like the X-100T.
      The image has been cropped in Adobe Lightroom and the trees recovered using the shadow slider, otherwise it is fairly close to how it came out of the camera.
      Just not sure if I should have cropped more tightly along the bottom edge?
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    • First of all the upgrades are for the positive most times.  It's a Fuji thing.  Compared to other camera companies they are always updating and making their cameras better. Not sure about the XT4 freezing issues but I'm sure they've been addressed in firmware.  However I use the XT1, XT2, XH1, and the GFX system and I've NEVER had an issue.  
    • jerryy, Thanks for the advices. I really appreciate it. I have figured out as You have given hints about that I need to use more and more manual settings. Just I do not know enough so far what to change and to what value (or range). But I will start with what You suggested. I suppose as times goes and I learn more bit by bit and with trail and errors it will be easier. I used shutter speed Auto before but then I saw an "expert" saying 1/200 or 1/250 would be better so I tried that (just cha
    • HI there, i am a bit confused and hesitant. I am considering buying an X-T4 but seeing lots of people writing about them freezing amongst other issues. Also, having to continually update firmware seems like a pain especially given you need readers etc... What if you don't update ? Are all mirrorless like this ? No such hassles with DSLR's.  Can someone explain all this for me. Cheers.
    • yeah in the end i did. When i got it i immediately updated the firmware to the latest one. But i think i'm in love. this camera is great
    • That’s just the way it is
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