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Boats, ships & Ocean liner (OPEN TOPIC)


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This is my first post, Hello!

A few miles from where I live is the Dee Estuary, the River Dee being the original border of England and Wales. On the English side is the village of Heswall and the river there consists mainly of mud flats. I've posted a small selection of photos I took earlier today of some abandoned boats in various states of disrepair. This is one of those places where I always think better photos can be had when the weather is a bit more on the gloomy side. Unfortunately, today has been warm and sunny!


19059917486_fcfa44d2cc_z.jpgboat at heswall by Glyn Morton, on Flickr


19089395021_9d8c424353_z.jpgboat at heswall by Glyn Morton, on Flickr


19086119625_629c10d1ee_z.jpgcabin by Glyn Morton, on Flickr


19080321162_0edbeda6f2_z.jpgboat at heswall by Glyn Morton, on Flickr


19089212521_90de0a93bc_z.jpgboat at heswall, detail by Glyn Morton, on Flickr


19059711186_962e009849_z.jpgskipper by Glyn Morton, on Flickr


Thanks very much for looking,


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