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    I just enjoy taking pictures and trying to make them more interesting. Hopefully you will enjoy looking at these images, all taken with my X-E3 (which I just love) and potentially (probably) edited in Affinity Photo Yup, I love this camera!
  2. Beyond the Android Phone app is there any software to control an X camera that can achieve anything close to or similar to this idea: Shoot exposure bracketed picture once every 10 minutes for 1 hour, then change ISO and shoot single shot once every second? Obviously I can do that manually but it means I can't setup and fire/forget. Plus I can jiggle/bump the camera making manual adjustments. Is there any programmatic interface to the X models of cameras? X Acquire seems to be very limited. digiCam Control (http://digicamcontrol.com/) looks like an interesting program but does not support Fuji
  3. Does anyone know if Fuji will be producing a Medium Format BI-CMOS anytime in the near future? The GFX 50R looks like a sweet camera but has the older non BI CMOS and I shoot a lot in very low light so a BI-CMOS is of interest.
  4. With my x-e3 I do get a raw file with Advanced Filters, but my MF Assist, Peak Red does not work when using the 'Dynamic Range' or apparently other Advanced Filters.
  5. I have the x-e3 and when shooting with 'Advanced Filter', 'Dynamic Tone', I do get both a jpp and a raf file, confirmed. Also I use Peak/Red for manual focus but for some reason when drive mode is 'Advanced Filter', 'Dynamic Tone', the default manual focus assist is 'STD' (and cannot be changed) and goes back to Peak/Red when I switch back to Exposure Bracket or Single. Looks like silkypix is somewhat pricey; still wondering if anyone knows what the actual edits are or if Fujifilm ever publishes those.
  6. I have the x-e3, which has the 'Advanced Filter', 'Dynamic Tone' or as the manual says "Dynamic tone expression is used for a fantasy effect".
  7. Does anyone know what specific changes the 'Fantasy' Dynamic Tone Advanced Filter applies? I took a few of those shots and noticed that the raw is still simply raw (nice). I would love to know what steps to take in Affinity Photo to transform the RAW file into the same 'fantasy' jpg the camera prodcued. Why you ask? So that I could do it with other RAW photos for which I did NOT use the 'fantasy' advanced filter, and to understand and potentially tweak the specific changes on other photos. Also it appears to me that the MF Focus 'Peak' does not work on the Advanced Filter, that's a real bummer for manual shooting. I have to switch between one of the other drive modes to focus then back to Advanced Fitter, Dynamic Tone, which w/o a tripod can then result in out of focus picture. This is the only thing so far I've found that I think Fuji missed. If you have good advice on this please do tell! ":-) I really can't imagine any technical reason why the Dynamic Tone Advanced Filter would not be able to use Peak MF focus mode. Thanks in advance for answers !
  8. Thanks Patrick - I had trouble with the bluetooth/Geo tagging but after the FW update and reading your steps, all is working now. I think you identified some scenarios when it doesn't work and I was running into some of those. My Phone Bluetooth is always on, so my intent is to leave the Camera App running and it appears the camera simply connects when I turn it on.
  9. Great! Thanks graflex! I will switch up my iso and give it a try. Based on what you are saying, the DRB had no affect because I was shooting on iso 200.
  10. Hi all, and thanks in advance for what I am sure will be a great answer. Still loving my new x-e3 and learning all the details. I still don't understand the in-camera Dynamic Range Bracket and what I can do with it. I've done a number of Exposure Brackets and played with HDR in Affinity Photo and once I get my tripod I'm gonna play with some focus stacks too. But I don't know what to do with DRB. I turned it on and took a picture, albeit of my living room - with probably a low dynamic range. All three pictures look the same to my eye and when I exported and diffed the exif data, the only differences were in the date/time and sequence numbers, so what did I really get from that? Is there a way to use DRB to create an interesting photo in the same way that AE Bracketing or focus stacking can? Does DRB make a bigger difference for say sunsets? Would I get a better result to take a number of AE brackets and combine them with a number of DRBs? I have tried searching for this but all the hits want to discuss HDR techniques with no mention of DRB in-camera. If in fact there is something interesting going on with DRB, would I take the bracket exposure and stack or merge them in Affinity or would I simply pick the best one? Thanks!
  11. So for responding to my own post, I just found a related image, Seems to be related to geo tagging, perhaps geo tagging error? The manual shows #41 as geo tagging icon in a different location on the screen, so perhaps this is a geo tagging error?
  12. What is this blinking red icon on the EVF/LCD? I cannot find it in the manual.
  13. Thanks JYC2! Got that working now. I knew it had to be easy. It's been a decade since I used a more sophisticated camera so I have to re-remember/re-discover a few things and I'm new to Fujifilm too.
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