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  1. Hi, I hope it's allowed to publush a few photos. I wanted to share these, that I shoot a few days ago.
  2. Hello, In my Fujifilm X-M1, I try to see the image according my presets, in the screen, like the image we see in the electronic viewfinder, with other bodys. As you all know, the XM1 does not have a viewfinder... So I think it's very complicated to make photos in manual mode with vintage lenses with the XM1. In my case, I have to gently press the release button to see what I am doing. Is this normal? I suspect that this is a malfunction, but I am not sure. I want to use the screen as a viewfinder, with manual lenses. Is it possible? I tried a lot of settings and combinations and... nada. Can anyone please help ? Thank you.
  3. Next shot : Fuji X-M1 - 27mm f/2.8 ISO 3200 - f/2.8 - 1/60
  4. Hello Fuji guys, My name is Francisco and I am a Fufi fan. I used to have a X-E1, then a X -M1, then a X -E2. Now I have a X-M1 and an Olympus OM D-1, that I bought a few days ago. I need a stabilized body for macro. So I bought the Olympus. Now, I like very much the X-E2. In a near future I may buy one of the latest Fuji, or not. Time will tell. So far I am with Oly and the OM1 is a very sophisticated body. Because I like Fuji and I have not a lot of money in this moment, I bought a XM1, used, like new. I may change it soon, because the lack of viewfinder is a pain for me. My adventure began a few years ago, but I started to make serious progress since a few months ago. I decided to join this forum to make a few questions about Fuji, namely, the XM1. It will be in another topic, of course. In the process, it's possible that other motivations will lead me to other discussions. I hope so. I like very much to fotograph boats, old boats, fisherman boats, macro, etc. I don't want to reproduce reality, I use the gear to produce my reality, if you know what I mean... Thank you for reading me, I wish you a very good day. Francisco
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