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  1. First post with my new X-T30 & 18-55mm. Straight out of camera with only a crop...
  2. M Wales

    Show Man Caves

    My sister-in-law decorated the cave for her husband who is away on business and he has not seen it or knows anything about it. Still a few things to clean up.
  3. The first picture posted with my new X100F and I'm loving this little wonder..
  4. This dollar is right outside our hanger window about 3 stories up.
  5. I picked up a very clean X100F with a 300 click shutter count for a good price... Thanks
  6. The last new camera I bought for myself was an Olympus E-M10 back in 2014 and every other camera to follow came form forum sellers. I want to buy a X100F, but not sure if I should buy used or pickup a new one. That brown one is catching my eye, but have not seen one for sale used. Which ever one I do get it will be a silver one... Would like to here your thoughts on this matter.. Thanks for looking..
  7. Great images.... I recently picked up an original X100 on the cheap to see if the system would work for me before purchasing an X100F. I immediately fell in love with it. I have been using an Olympus Pen-F for a couple of years now and love it, but feel something is missing.. The images the original produces are just amazing and I love having the physical dials to make most of my shooting changes on the fly without having to dive into the menu. I may be selling my Pen-F soon to help fund the F as I don't like keeping a bunch of gear around...
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