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  1. Fuji support knew exactly what it was - I had a function button assigned for large indicators and I missed that setting. All set! 🙂 I set that function key (which I guess I'm hitting accidentally) to NONE.
  2. I find that often I have Large Indicators on, which I do not like because when I do, I don't have a visual reading for focus distance. I will turn Large Indicators off and later I will find them on again and need to turn them off once more. I have not found a pattern or cause for this. I would expect them to remain off since that is how I set them. Is there some mode or something that I might be using that turns them back on? Mostly I shoot in manual focus with focus key remapped from shutter to quick button, using single shot or focus/ae bracket.
  3. With the rise of the mushrooms this summer, I've been taking a lot of macro mushroom shots. To do this I have been mounting my camera inverted on my tripod (upside down and under) to get the camera really close to the ground. This works well for shot composition but the LCD does not rotate 180 so I have to use it upside down. I have AUTOROTATE turned on and noticed that it only rotates between landscape and portrait mode (90 degrees). Ideally the LCD (view and menus) would rotate 180 degrees so that when my camera is upside down I can still easily tip out the LCD and view it from above. Is this just a firmware adjustment? How can I get this suggestion in front of fuji?
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    I just enjoy taking pictures and trying to make them interesting. Hopefully you will enjoy looking at these images, all taken with my X-E3 (which I just love) or my newer GFX 50R (which I just love)
  5. Ok I guess that explains it, although several of the gimbal heads advertise with pics of the camera mounted horizontal like this picuture included, and me having no experience with them did not know they were not adjustable for the camera width. I'm not a long lens guy. So, back to my question, can anyone recommend a 360 degree panohead for gfx 50r. This acratech one looks pretty sweet but it's pricey at over 400 bucks, maybe that's my only option. I did find this neewer one (with red knobs) but it does not seem allow a horizontal mount and I'm not sure it will be tight enough for the weight and size of the gfx. My goal is to shoot some horizontal 360 degree images, both regular pano and for HDRi and with the fold out LCD view screen horizontal works better than vertical.
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