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How do you "Quick Format" your memory card in the SX-10?

Tom W

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Hello.  I hope this hasn't been asked already.  I didn't see the topic -  With most of my Fuji cameras to quick format the memory card you simply hold the trash can icon for 3 seconds and then press in the rear wheel dial to bring up the screen.  That is not possible on the SX-10 as near as I can see and I can't seem to program it into my Q menu or one of the other customizable buttons.  I was just wondering if anyone knew any work around besides having to dive into the menu each time you insert a card?  I couldn't find this topic on the camera FAQ page - perhaps I'm not searching for the right topic?  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.  Thanks!   Sorry for fat-fingering the topic title, I meant XS-10.  

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I also have found no way of formatting the memory card other than through the main menu. It should be possible to add it to My Menu at least but it cannot be done at the moment.


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