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How do you "Quick Format" your memory card in the SX-10?

Tom W

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Hello.  I hope this hasn't been asked already.  I didn't see the topic -  With most of my Fuji cameras to quick format the memory card you simply hold the trash can icon for 3 seconds and then press in the rear wheel dial to bring up the screen.  That is not possible on the SX-10 as near as I can see and I can't seem to program it into my Q menu or one of the other customizable buttons.  I was just wondering if anyone knew any work around besides having to dive into the menu each time you insert a card?  I couldn't find this topic on the camera FAQ page - perhaps I'm not searching for the right topic?  Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.  Thanks!   Sorry for fat-fingering the topic title, I meant XS-10.  

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