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  1. Simple question: When starting with a brand new sd card in my Fuji X camera, should i first perform a 'format disc' command? Or should i just begin shooting with the new sd card? (i own a Fuji X100F camera)
  2. Is it possible to download Whitagram onto one's Windows pc desktop/laptop? I need to upload my image files from my laptop computer onto Instagram (because i don't have these photos on my smartphone). (there seems to be lots of possible scam sites claiming to be real software download sites)
  3. (in my opinion) Ideally, when shooting in JPG mode, one can strive to shoot like a film-camera photographer, which means ushering all your creative efforts during the process of capture (notwithstanding darkroom editing) - rather than deferring important elements of the creative process to post, far removed in time and space from the experience of capture. In other words, if one can nail the exposure, colour and contrast of an image with a JPG during the capture experience, one doesn't need to shoot "flat" with a RAW file and then spend so much time and effort on a computer to process the image to completion. However, with a Fuji X Series camera, I believe it's best to shoot RAW + JPG. This way, if the JPG fails to live up to expectations, the RAW file can rescue a worthy image - by allowing the resurrecting of highlight details, correcting white balance, or switching to a particular Fuji Film Sim, etc. Thanks Herco, for the assurance that CaptureOne provides excellent Fuji FIlm Sim quality to RAW files! Yet sometimes I'm out shooting just JPGs with my X100F (e.g. when I want to use the tele-converter zoom, which is absent in RAW mode; or when I don't want to record all those large RAW files for every shot). In these cases, would CaptureOne handle trace editing of JPGs (for minor exposure/WB correction, cropping, etc.)? Or does it not even open JPGs? (in which case I'd use ACR carefully) M.
  4. Okay, thanks Jerry. Re: "JPG finalizing", I just meant doing final post production of 'film sim JPGs' (from my X100F) in an editing software program. I'm deciding on which program will open a JPG, keep the integrity of the true 'Fuji film sims' colors, and then allow me to do final additional minor edits (such as cropping; slight exposure and white balance edits), and then end up with a JPG that hasn't been compromised too much in the process. It seems that CaptureOne is a fine choice, as suggested here (or Iridient Developer). It was also suggested that when editing a JPG in Photoshop, the file should be saved intermediately as a .psd file before the final save as a JPG (to avoid lossy degradation). Does CaptureOne avoid this 'intermediate saving strategy' and end up with a final-saved JPG without much new lossiness and a well maintained film sim? (without having to intermediately save the file in the process) M.
  5. I'll download CaptureOne (for my Fuji X100F files). Does it deal with JPG files? Its promo video tutorial describes a RAF to JPG work flow, similar to ACR. Yet i suppose CaptureOne maintains the Fuji Film Sim colors more faithfully than ACR? Perhaps CaptureOne is not greatly better than FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO? I'm also very interested in dealing with exporting my X100F JPGs and finalizing them in post (with cropping, basic exposure, etc.). Is CaptureOne the best at doing this? M.
  6. Thank you all for the feedback! I am about to start using "FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO" for RAW post work (with my X100F). Yet is "RAW FILE CONVERTER EX powered by SILKYPIX" any better for RAW processing? For minor JPEG post work, is "CaptureOne" (Express version) really much better than Photoshop (saving intermediate files as .psd)? M.
  7. Question: I shoot both RAW and JPG files on my X100F. For raw conversion, i've just downloaded FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO to assist my RAW camera-driven post-production; but for JPGs from my X100F how can I do a bit of final post work (cropping, slight exposure correction) easily and without incurring too much addition lossy degradation? I have Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw, but i want to maintain the excellent (in-camera) Fuji JPG color profiles/film simulations.
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