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Fuji-MacOS bug limiting how many files in a card folder

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Some questions re: "Important notice for consumers processing FUJIFILM digital camera files using macOS", part of which says:

"While the current firmware versions allow these X and GFX series cameras to internally write and store 9,999 frames to a single folder, it has been observed that if more than 4,000 files are written in-camera to a single folder on an SDXC card and directly accessed using macOS the firmware incompatibility creates two potential scenarios:
(1) Some files on the memory card may become inaccessible if the card has been connected to the computer through an internal or external memory card reader and directly accessed using macOS. [...]"

This refers to SDXC cards, meaning 32 GB to 2 TB capacity (SDHC cards hold less than 32 GB and SDUC cards hold more than 2 TB).


1) Is this still a problem, using a new X-T5?

2) Does using MacOS Photos to import images from a card (my typical use) count as "directly accessed using macOS" or do they only mean using MacOS Finder to access the image files? I mean, how is "directly accessed" defined in this context?

3) Would SDUC cards fix this issue? I'm not even sure they're a thing -- not finding them on Amazon.

Haven't tried the experiment, which could take quite a while....

If anybody knows, thank you very much!

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Fujifilm fixed this a while back (releasing firmware updates for the various affected camera bodies). Essentially, the fix changed the maximum number of files per folder from 9999 down to 999 per folder).

As I understand the issue, macOS had problems recognizing all of the card’s files if the card was ejected while while the computer is in sleeping mode or under other “improper” circumstances. The firmware update seemed to fix the issue as far as reports mention.

p.s. As of the time of this post, no commercially available camera is using SDUC  cards.

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Not sure about the X-T5 but the X-H2S appears to have a real fix (rather than just avoiding the problem by limiting the images per folder) - I’ve had more than 4096 files in a single folder that have been accessible by MacOS using a card reader.

it shouldn’t take too long to run a test with the X-T5 using the fastest continuous burst rate with preshot turned on and shooting the smallest possible jpeg.

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