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Test: Best Memory Cards for your Fuji X Camera

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We have a new service for you: 

A list of recommendations, which SD cards suit best for your Fuji X Camera.

We have a general list for all cameras – plus dedicated recommendations for the most popular Fuji X Cameras:

» Test & Recommendation Best Memory Cards

Each list has two additional recommendations:

The data for this recommendations comes from ValueTech, a Berlin based company specialized in testing photo gear. All SD cards are tested with all cameras and with card readers, thus generating a perfect basis for recommendations.

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Test is OK, but i strongly rerecorded Sandisk, in history LEXAR (but i find some issue)
It is easy, in SSD best chip make SAMSUNG - and all other SSD is sh* - exept intel 😉

In SD card only some brand make chip and all other buy it a create own, often is diff. controller and some patentet feture.

All camera have compatibility list, everytime sandisk a sometime lexar and this is END.
For old camera is maybe OK kingston - in CF - on D200 work perfectly, on D810 - card error if rou use continous sghooting

SD is more funny, because never report error a continue - this is video feture, don't stop, drop some data and work - special Adata, patriot etc. is funny, if you do continuous shooting or make video etc, no card error detected, but you lose data, corrupter RAW, on standrad shooting all work - don't experiment 😉

SD is: SanDisk, Panasonic (Matsushita), Toshiba and SONY - this brand is in SD consortium, next profi brand is LEXAR, but is more expansive that sandisk - i prefer sandisk_pro UHS-I (excellent product and cost good money, yep UHS-II is better, but cost double)

For slow device alternative relative work, but we use UHS-I/II - and this is diff. story.

Why is alternative garbage ? - because buy all and only consortium own patent for controllers etc. - if alternative buy everything, then cost more that sandisk - uups, what he do?, he buy alternative controller - save money, cost less, but is only trouble maker - now you know it and buy what you want, but never say that i don't warning you 😉

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Test on link is completely bad (X-T5)- why? because diff. capacity - more capacity, more speed - because SD write data parallel - yep it defend how many memory chip is inside, often bigger capacity - more same chip's inside.

Buy same Sandisk speed family but 64-1TB and test it 😉 - i check why is SANDISK slower - yep 64GB VS 256GB and 512GB

but i often don't care about peak speed, i care about long speed with-ought OS buffer and reliability - if is speed sufficient for application (for example video - but you know, nobody write video to SD, professionals use some like atmos ninja and write through HDMI to inside SSD disk)

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