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Trains (open thread)

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    • Hi, thanks for the response. Yes I was surprised, I had taken them at dusk across small bay with some lights on the shoreline, hoping just to blur the sea. However the lights were all over the place.
    • This is precisely the issue that Fujifilm should fear with their current release policy. Welcome to the world of many X-H1 early buyers who paid a premium price for the flagship model only to find out it was undermined by Fujifilm's release policy just a few months later. No significant firmware updates anymore, topped-up by a price cut of 45% and no clear model policy going forward. The issue is that Fuji (unlike Sony) uses the same core technology (sensor and processor) for different came
    • Have Fuji forgotten the XT30? The XT3 got an update that allowed it to be used as a web cam, its just had another update to upgrade its focus performance to XT4  levels. I'm beginning to wish I'd stayed with Nikon or gone for a Sony. Having said that, Fuji's own XS-10 looks great. Why would anyone buy an XT30 now? it seems suddenly very old and unattractive.
    • The 27 makes sense if you want to carry the camera in a pocket of your jacket or so. The body itself is too big for any other pockets anyway. If you carry the camera on a strap or in a small bag there's little point for a pancake lens anyway (over the 23 you already have). Note that the 27 doesn't have an aperture ring. If that's important to you (as it was for me), discard that lens. Also noteworthy: there are persistent 'rumors' about a MkII version of the 27. You may want to wait for that bec
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