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  1. You are right Eddie, but who use xt30 or xe3, perhaps in the mind of fujifilm, are people who d not change often the iso value
  2. I tested it. My h1 camera too does this problem. I think is an error of firmware.
  3. This is a pity. My illusion was that it could be a solution to the problem like sony has solved for her old cameras
  4. bergat


    Sure! They have it or real phisic one or logic virtual on LVF
  5. And now we are waiting for AF tracking and eye af update like the new present in X-A7
  6. The X-H1 is capacity of x-t2 with the plus of the ibis. I ask to myself when Fuji will develop the capacity of AF tracking and eye af velocity to make them almost equal to x-A7 features? Do you think Fuji will let die its admiral camera?
  7. Now I have bought a new camera a X-H1. excellent camera
  8. Try to set first zoom and then AF
  9. Whic way of braketing have you chosen?
  10. 1) no! it is necessary to change the camera 2) I have some doubt 3) No.Ii advice you to buy an X- t30 or X-t3
  11. You must control and to set WYSIWYG
  12. A solution? What solution. The problem is that any filter stops lens focus movement,
  13. Questo obiettivo non è un killer, la qualità raf è molto diversa dalla qualità Fuji; Ho provato a sviluppare il rafs di viltrox e c'è una differenza pro Fuji
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