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  1. try to write him and ask
  2. bergat

    the child has arrived

    I Like the colors of this picture
  3. bergat

    the child has arrived

    Let me know your impressions, Marco!
  4. bergat

    XT-20 exposure compensation

    Compensation works normally only in automatic like is normal that has to be, because is a my decision in the contrary of automatic choises of the camera. In manual there is no meaning to do that.
  5. bergat

    Fuji XT-20 Focus Problems up close

    Try to put more distance between camera and object. The 18-55 has not the capacity to taken photo near. Miniumum distance is 60 Cm
  6. bergat

    Fuji XT-20 Focus Problems up close

    To which distrance are ypu taken the picture? The square is green? Yes or not?
  7. bergat

    Which Fuji X cameras do you use?

    X100 and X-T1
  8. bergat

    Lightroom rejecting Raw files

    have you tasted with LR classic V.8?
  9. bergat

    X-H2 at 16 Bit?

    Sony has realeased the specification of IMX461 the sensor mounted in the X-T3. Fuji has chosen to let it work at 14 bit, but there is the possibility to let it work at 16 bit with a S/N better. It is a right choise because working at 16 bit, the speed decreases, but in the X-H2 , Fuji may choose to let it work at 16 bit, increasing the velocity of processor, having, the body of X-Hx series, the possibility to dispose of the increased heat generated
  10. bergat

    GPS tracking in the field with Fuji

    Have not read the manual? X-t3 For example has bluetoth and wireless to connect permanently to your phone and with applicaton software cam remote by fujifilm installed in your phone, when you take a picture, the camera records also GPS coordinates
  11. bergat

    charge batteries and batteries

    Patona: https://www.amazon.it/Platinum-Batteria-NP-W126-1140mAh-FinePix/dp/B078Y6SW2D/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1540681309&sr=8-7&keywords=patona+premium+npw126s
  12. Tony e Chelsea non capiscono un tubo, perché come il passato in cui siamo passati da 13X 18 cm a 13x9 e poi a 6x9 e poi a 6X6 e poi a 35 mm nel prossimo futuro passeremo a aps-c e dopo a 4/3 e poi a 50 anni da now photography come noi lo sappiamo, non esiste più
  13. bergat

    D700 to Fuji XT3

    With a mirrorless you can take pictures at slower times, without the photo is a move photo. You do not need to calibrate the lenses. With mirroress you can operate perfectly because what you see is what you obtain
  14. bergat

    D700 to Fuji XT3

    I used Nikon D700 for 3 years Then I bought a Fuji x100 and i saught that though X100 was a dx format, the images were much better. So I abandoned the nikon system that I was using from 1968, and finallyi passed to Fuji. Now i Have a x-t1 and soon i'wiil by a X-T3