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  1. 6x6 medium format 44x33 small medium format 35mm film format aps-c small film format 4/3" Spy format
  2. YES but the adapter is always an adapter and the quality of photos are different from native lenses
  3. Print 2 mt X 3mt if you see from 2 mt of distance.
  4. Yes but a sensor Aps-c of 52 mixel is lower resolution or not?
  5. Sure Ts17 is good..... with canon, not with fuji,that is a mirrorless camera
  6. IN the jiapan the prices of cameras are very expensive. It is better to rent them
  7. At laplaca, Ottica universitaria, sabatini These are the link with phone and adress
  8. The true problem is that fuji buyers who could buy sigma are a few number and sigma have no interst to develop projects for fuji
  9. Have you setting in the good way the ibis?
  10. They have used the nikon with update of af eye firmware but they have chosen an X-T3 with 35 F1,4 and with no update already present in the x-t30. This is a criminal act
  11. Ios in the lenses is not less good of ibis. The problem there is when you buy a prime without ios.
  12. bergat


    push in the same time arrow up e down
  13. Bologna taken From Asinelli tower X-T1 10-24 F4 at F5,6 1/600 Iso 200
  14. Then i suppose you are using Wysiwyg. You cannot use , when you are using the flash
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