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  1. bergat

    Focus and reframe issue

    Try to use shutter button pressed in half to focus and then recompose your composition with button half pressed
  2. Yes so I think, but no problem in the past with the other releases of raw converter
  3. I see less definition than X-T1, and that is impossible.
  4. I have in Jap language user interface, but trying to install positioning in another row, application is started in english fortunally
  5. bergat

    Amazon DELAYS XT-3 Release!!!

    Amazon de sells X-T3 black at 1250 euro
  6. This is the link I have but it is in jap language http://www.fujifilm.com/support/digital_cameras/software/myfinepix_studio/rfc_3/win/download.html. May you give me your link in english? Thanks
  7. But is only in japanese language, not in english?
  8. bergat

    Amazon DELAYS XT-3 Release!!!

    I think the delay is because Fuji wants to offer a new release. In fact in some conditions X-t3 blocks itself and it needs to switchs off to restart
  9. Use raw file converter by silkyix. Don't use LR vers. 3, but only from from 5 version.
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    Avendo dei giorni liberi da trascorrere, sono andato a Torino, nel nord dell'Italia 4 immagini da vedere made with X-t1 and 10-24 F4
  14. bergat

    Godox X1T-F TTL - use with strobes

    X-t1 è solo un trasmettitore per i suoi flash come XT1-C o XT1-N, IMHO