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  1. bergat

    Lens control error

    Update the firmware lens too
  2. I hope that X-H2 will be the right solution with IBIS and AF-C like sony
  3. And when Fuji will have a similar AF? The difference is very big.
  4. The problem is if AF Fuji is ready for the competition with sony . It is only a problem of processing or it is possible modify AF fuji with another firmware? In every case shall we see a X-t30 with same Af like sony A6400?
  5. I think that if you choose X-t3 or the next X-t30, you should not have any problem with continuus af
  6. bergat

    City and landscape

  7. bergat


    finest skyline
  8. There is anybody who miss a 300 or 400 mm F4,5/5,6? A lens not expensive at maximum a one thousand of euros? Yes it is possible to use the 200mm f2 with focal duplicator, but the solution is not cheap, because 200mm F2 is not for everyone.It is expensive
  9. It is a normal thing when you pass from shooting to view and vice versa
  10. I think it is different with X-t2. With X-T1 also if the subject is out of focus , and you have setted priority to focus when you press the buttom , the camera always take the picture also if out focus