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Streetphotography (open thread)


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parigby - What in gods name are you doing to your (expensive) X-T1 + 56mm setup !? :o


I can't believe this, please give your camera to me and i'll trade you a Canon Powershot.





Hi Maurice,


If l give you a little background to the image, it might assist you. The image is very much a grab shot, as at the time l was on public transport (moving ), and therefore l was constricted with what l could achieve. Having seen the developing image l felt it warranted being captured, but there was a problem, and a big one at that. It's shot through smudged and filthy glass. Believe me, what you see now is a distinct improvement on what came out of the camera. However as l liked the image, and the potential story about to unfold, l thought it worth persevering with - after all not ever image has to be perfect to have some merit (well at least to my eyes anyway).


I will politely refuse your offer of a swap for your Canon 


regards    ...   philip

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I was trying this technique for street photography I saw on youtube where you pretend to fix the camera or something to drive away the subject's attention while grabbing the shot.  So, sometimes they actually look at you but do not realize you were taking a photo.  I guess this one turned out alright.  The thing is that you shoot with the camera hanging around your neck and can't really point it properly, so, it takes practice.  This was the first day of trying it.  I shot this with my X-E2 and the xf 35mm.


16920510593_b7e18550ff_z.jpgFXE23996.jpg by Marcelo Valente, on Flickr

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17380853991_c7f74e9d74_k.jpgDSCF2098 by Christophe Branchereau, on Flickr


Rosheim, France. The oversaturated look is intended as it was a "postcards from Elsass" project when I just started using my fuji. It also enhances the fact that the old woman has a blue dress and a yellow bag of exactly the same tones than the post logo. It was an amusing project, but I don't do oversaturated colours anymore these days.

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Street - chat


X-T1 / 50-140 f 2,8


I don't know if the thread is opened for (constructive) critics, if not pardon me and remove this post, but the effect of using a tele is that the viewer is not absorbed into the scene, it looks a bit like a voyeur paparazzi shot. We can immediatly feel it was taken from far away. For street, try something between 18 and 35mm it really gives the feeling that one is in the middle of the scene ;)

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