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  1. Hi, I have an XT-20 and maybe I just never noticed it before, but I can hear a very soft motor sound like a phantom tiny fan or a hard drive working (no clicking noise, just a soft whoosh sound). I have gone through all the AF settings and even checked the sensor cleaner and mic levels. I wouldnt be able to hear it in a room with people talking or outside in a breeze. It doesn't do this when I take the lens off (both my lenses are Fujifilm; 18-55mm and 50-230mm) Is this noise normal or is there something going on inside the camera body that I should be concerned with? Thanks Edited to add: the noise stops in playback mode.
  2. Did you change camera setting to "Eye Sensor"? If so, the camera will switch from Eye sensor to LCD when you put anything near the viewfinder.
  3. Ha! I bet kids love them though! Great photos!
  4. Very cool! What a fun series of photos!
  5. Grains & Trains and a Colorless Sky X100F Classic Chrome
  6. I like how the lights wrap around the structure: horizontal, vertical and even some arches.
  7. 1907 Baldwin Engine Fuji X100F
  8. Beautiful color and fine detail.
  9. I too, was hoping to find a gently used copy or even a used X100S but they are few and far between. Or they are priced to where it doesn't make sense to not spend the extra $200 and get it new. I bought the silver new. Beautiful camera inside and out.
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