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  1. Did you change camera setting to "Eye Sensor"? If so, the camera will switch from Eye sensor to LCD when you put anything near the viewfinder.
  2. Ha! I bet kids love them though! Great photos!
  3. Very cool! What a fun series of photos!
  4. Grains & Trains and a Colorless Sky X100F Classic Chrome
  5. I like how the lights wrap around the structure: horizontal, vertical and even some arches.
  6. 1907 Baldwin Engine Fuji X100F
  7. Beautiful color and fine detail.
  8. I too, was hoping to find a gently used copy or even a used X100S but they are few and far between. Or they are priced to where it doesn't make sense to not spend the extra $200 and get it new. I bought the silver new. Beautiful camera inside and out.
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