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Fujifilm x pro 2 sometimes not turning on

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Hey guys,

I recently purchased a used fujifilm x pro 2 which looks really in great condition. There are only 1-2 really small and not really noticeable scratches. 


So the problem I have is actually that the camera sometimes doesn't turn on. I switch it off between taking pictures while walking and sometimes when I try to turn it back on it doesn't light up. I've read here and there that a few other people also encountered this issue but didn't really update us on it. 

So my question is if someone has dealt with this and what could be a solution to it. 

If there's no solution I actually really like my fuji x pro 2 and would be interested if the issue becomes worse with time or it stays quite the same.

Thanks in advance guys!

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This is most likely one of the known issues with the X-Pro2. I've had this on one of my two X-Pro2 copies and I've also heard this from others.

The issue is the on/off switch. Though Fuji claims the camera is weather resistant, the sealing of the shutter button and it's collar isn't great and moisture can affect the contacts of the on/off button. Another similar weak point is the WR sealing of the back rear dial that can affect the push function of that rear dial. If it gets worse, you can have it serviced.  

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