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  1. Get a good lens blower, if you don't already have one. Blow on the EVF thoroughly, then wrap a qtip with a lens cloth and wipe. Repeat as necessary.
  2. I know this is old, but haven't seen any answer, and I'm curious if this was resolved and if so, how? Wondering if this can be corrected by turning off "Corrected AF Frame"?
  3. Since you mentioned portrait, I'd suggest the 50. That said, if you're doing shoreline type shots, the 35 will get you a bit more, and it still does decent portraits. If you could pick any two, I'd suggest the 16 or 23 and the 50.
  4. sskolsky.contractor@fujifilm.com (address below if needed) could help with this. He fixed the same issue with mine. It turned out the whole top cover needed replacement. Unfortunately, it set me back $350 for parts/labor + shipping. He wouldn't get specific about what it was exactly, but I assume it was a bad seal causing moisture as folks have suggested, and the top is one whole modular piece. FUJI CAMERA REPAIR 1100 KING GEORGE'S POST ROAD EDISON, NEW JERSEY 08837 phone---1-800-659-3854
  5. I held back buying the xp3 because of the screen, but a while back I caved and purchased the 3 in Dura Silver (black was OOS). I couldn't be happier with it. I thought the screen would become a PITA, but now realize I don't chimp as much as I thought I did. No ragrets (not even a vowel). love their updated custom menu screen, stiffer exp comp dial, better AF. The dura silver contrast looks great with the black lenses too. I'm an xpro shooter for life, or until they jump the shark.
  6. Throwing my 2c in. I love this lens. Compact, excellent IQ for what I need for photo journalism/street photography. It's not a bad landscape lens either. I think it gets too much of a bad rap, and mainly from the pixel peepers. As you can see from some of the photos people have posted, it's a fine lens. I use it with the X-Pro2.
  7. Well, it wouldn't be the first time a manufacturer went ahead with a release, knowingly with some bugs. In Fuji's case there was a delay, then a quick "all things clear." which is odd to me. In their defense (if this is true) you can't push a late-notice bug update to thousands of already boxed and shipped or waiting to ship bodies. Looks like I'll be shooting some RAW this weekend just to see.
  8. <rant> I haven't pushed mine too hard yet, as I'm still having fun with the Acros+jpeg. I'm starting to wonder though, if these bugs were what caused Fuji to push the release date of the body. This heat issue concerns me more than the reset, but IMO this is inexcusable for a Fujifilm body that's supposedly been thoroughly tested prior to release. I get that they're better than average with fw updates, but they shouldn't get lazy, and say "no worries, we'll send out an update!" </rant>
  9. Nice. I just acquired the X-Pro2 (after being a Nikon FF guy), and immediately purchased the 35mm f/1.4 and the 18mm f/2. The 16mm f/1.4 for some strange reason was not even on their list of stocked lenses which I find odd, but oh well. Soon....
  10. I mentioned it only because you said the 16mm was 35mm equivalent. Which it is not.
  11. Awesome. Thanks! Good to see that it was just me being a dummy, and not any bugs. Also, I found this as a replacement for the printed manual (might be old news for you folks), and it's much easier to understand. http://fujifilm-dsc.com/en/manual/x-pro2/
  12. The 16mm is 23mm equiv. focal length, FYI. And don't forget the excellent 18mm! Size is perfect for street, much nicer than the 27mm, and IQ is excellent.
  13. I found out I was doing it wrong. Not sure if others here were/are as well. I was trying to configure the settings via the Q menu. I found a user who posted the right way: "You go into the main menu in the IQ section, page 3. It says Edit/Save Custom Settings. I added this menu item to MY menu so its more readily accessible. Click the menu and you will see all 7 custom set-ups. Then click the one you want to change and it will give you all the options you are looking for. When you then go back, it will ask you if you want to save the settings." Once I did this, it reflected in the Q menu or "My Menu" Hope this helps.
  14. Question about setting the custom menu (I might be doing it wrong), since I don't quite understand the manuals instructions. Are you supposed to customize and save by pressing 'Q' button > scrolling through the individual settings > press okay/menu button? Or is there another step that involves customizing the 7 banks separately? I can't figure this out.
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