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  1. Fuji X-T2 & 80mm macro lens DSCF4516-denoise copy.jp2
  2. X-T2, 80mm macro lens
  3. X-T2 & 80mm macro lens
  4. Do you recommend the 1.4x teleconverter for the 80mm lens, as well as the 100-400mm lens? Sample images?
  5. Fuji X-T2 with Fujinon 80mm macro lens
  6. What's the best ring flash to use with my X-T2 and (soon to have) 80mm macro lens?
  7. I shoot mostly flower, plant and other close-up photography. I have the 60mm, 90mm and 11 + 16mm macro converters, plus Lensbaby 56 and 85mm Velvet lenses. Those who have the 80mm macro lens, can you describe what you love about the lens and provide images? Thanks!
  8. I imagine that there is a learning curve with the Velvet lenses (56 and 85mm). I tried the 56mm shortly, but I don't think I gave it enough time. I'm going to get the Velvet 85mm and give it a try and be patient with it.
  9. Has anyone come up with a way to diffuse home window lighting? I would like to get the incoming light softer. Thanks!
  10. X-T2 with 60mm macro lens
  11. X-T2 with 60mm macro lens
  12. Nice pics! Which camera + lens did you shoot with?
  13. I agree about the 90mm! Thanks!
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