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  1. A couple sites claim they are on back order and more are on the way...I also like the size of the X-E's and pretty much take it with me everywhere. I guess I've got a bit of "pixel" envy and wonder if a newer sensor would be nice. The X-T3 is also probably more camera than I really "need" , so many cameras so little time & money...:)
  2. I think this is Fuji's third round of "sales" that I've noticed this year, maybe they've finally moved them all out? They were about to wear me down with this one. I hadn't noticed that none where now available! Thanks for the update, maybe I need to look at the discounted X-T3?
  3. Ahhh, y'all are going to have me buying one yet! Thanks.
  4. Thanks again for the replies & information. I managed to resist the last sale but I see that Fuji has recently started a summer sale, not sure if I can do it again. Do I really "need" another camera? No, do I want another camera...
  5. Thanks again for the excellent information! My X-E2s is still working well and I'm happy with it. It will probably die a week after this sale is over!
  6. Thanks for your detailed reply! I'm still waffling around...by the time I make a decision the sale will probably be over!
  7. I'm currently considering the current Fuji offer of the XE-3 at $500 this spring 2020. I had an XE-1 and currently use the XE-2s. I'm a bit concerned about moving from the d-pad to a joy stick and the touch screen. I've seen several negative remarks here on the forum. Any thoughts on whether the image quality/benefits are worth making a switch/upgrade? Thanks, Jim White.
  8. Hello, I've had my X E-1 for awhile now but it now seems to be in need of Fuji service. The shutter curtain has stuck in the closed position and I have not been able to find a simple solution to the problem. I did try contacting Fuji support but was told to send it in for service. I think I can predict that the cost of repair is going to exceed the value of the camera. So I guess I'm really asking if it's worth sending in at all. Anyone had a similar problem or experience with Fuji service when dealing with an older model? Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Jim White
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