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  1. Thanks again everyone for your advice and encouragement. I will keep at it. I do occasionally get an in focus shot but I never know for sure...:) I also mainly use Flickr for posting photos, I would include a link but it seems that can be problematic for people to view. Thanks again, time to put the TT lens back on the camera and get to work! Jim White
  2. Thank you both for your tips. I will give focus peaking another try. It drove me a bit crazy the first few time I used it. I also bought the lens just for the f/1.2 and the narrow depth of field, if I stop it down I think I'll just use my Fuji 18-55 instead. That and I think auto focus has ruined me!
  3. Hello, this is my only manual focus lens and I really struggle nailing the focus with it. I did mainly buy it to play around with the f/1.2 aperture so that doesn't help! I find when shooting with it the focus looks dead on in the viewfinder or the LCD but when reviewing the image later on the computer or in camera the focus is off just enough to ruin the photo. I've tried most of the things I can think of: using a higher shutter speed, usually the case when shooting at f/1.2, as well as the various focus assist features built into the camera, focus peaking, groundglass, split image and zooming in while focusing. None seem to help me much. I have many years of manual focus experience using film cameras with no problem. But don't seem to have much luck with this lens on my Fuji's (xe-2s and xS10). Any help with this lens or advice on manual focusing in the digital age would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim White
  4. Thank you for the information. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I wont need it. I always struggle when the repair cost is more than the camera is currently worth.
  5. Thanks I did check that without any luck, I'll keep looking...
  6. I'm brand new to the S-10 myself, still just trying to figure out how it works and the various settings/menus. I did notice this on my camera as well. Seems to only do it when the camera is set to "auto" and not the other modes. Has anyone figured this one out yet?
  7. Thanks for the tip, I do tend to abuse my cameras but try to keep them dry.
  8. I'm having the exact same issue with my X-E2s. I've had the camera for a number of years now. At first I thought maybe the battery was discharged. So far the problem is intermittent. I was hoping to find a simple fix like dirty battery contacts. Not the dreaded service center, please not the service center!
  9. Thanks, this is just what I needed. While I've been shooting with Fuji now for several years, I often get stumped by settings I rarely use. I recently purchased a manual lens and had a time figuring out how to set up the camera. I'm sure the other tips will come in handy also, thanks again. Jim White
  10. I agree with you, I'm not going to hold my breath waiting for a silver version!
  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! That was it! I had it set to ON, now things seem to be operating normally. It does still act that way if I have the camera in the SR auto mode (I know I'm not supposed to use that!) Maybe I'll finish reading my owners manual someday...Thank you again, now I may start using these lenses some more, though I am fond of the 18-55. Thank you again, Jim White.
  12. Hello all, my apologies if this topic has been asked before. I have the X-E2s model and normally use my 18-55 zoom lens. I also have the 18 f/2 and 35 f/1.4 prime lenses. Whenever I use these lenses it seems that the auto focus goes haywire. The lens is constantly chattering back and forth as if it is trying to focus. It does not matter if the camera is in the "auto" mode or manual. Or if the focus setting is single or continuous. The only time it stops doing this is when I switch the camera to the manual focus mode. The camera operates normally with the zoom lens but this drives me crazy when trying to use the prime lenses! I have checked the firmware on the camera and lenses and everything is using the most current version. Any help would be appreciated. I rarely use either of the lenses now because of this problem. Thanks, Jim White
  13. It's funny, I was wondering the same thing. They could sell at least two!
  14. A couple sites claim they are on back order and more are on the way...I also like the size of the X-E's and pretty much take it with me everywhere. I guess I've got a bit of "pixel" envy and wonder if a newer sensor would be nice. The X-T3 is also probably more camera than I really "need" , so many cameras so little time & money...:)
  15. I think this is Fuji's third round of "sales" that I've noticed this year, maybe they've finally moved them all out? They were about to wear me down with this one. I hadn't noticed that none where now available! Thanks for the update, maybe I need to look at the discounted X-T3?
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