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  1. I have been using my XT4 quite a bit lately--mostly making outdoors videos, but also some family/portrait shoots. One strange thing that I've noticed: After setting up the display exactly how I like it, the EVF will display histogram, level, and battery level (among other things). However, when I am just looking at the back screen, these 3 items are not displayed--UNLESS I turn off the AF! As soon as AF is turned off, histogram, level, batt level appear on the rear screen exactly where they should already be. Is this some strange glitch that I've discovered, or am I doing something wrong that I should already know about? Photo on left. AF turned on--does not display h-gram, level, bat. Photo on right: AF turned off--h-gram, level, batt are displayed. btw... I just recently updated firmware from 1.00 to 1.1. Did not change, help, or improve the situation. Thank you for any helpful suggestions, Kevin RIley
  2. OK-- next day. Getting the same message again. Also getting the same message with multiple bodies when this lens is mounted on that body. Fuji repair center in NJ said that it's likely an issue with the mount, and will likely run ca. $250-$300. Anyone had any experience with this?
  3. Well, a slick new X-T4 arrived from Adorama today. I sit down tonight to configure the menus & buttons & such exactly as my X-T3 is setup so that I'm not confused & such. After a few minutes, I am getting a blinking screen with the above message, "Turn off camera and turn on again". I did so, numerous times, to no avail. The 10-24 was mounted on the X-T4. So--I replaced it with the 16mm and, voila, no message. All is well. Now, I mounted the 10-24 on my T3, and same TURN OFF message is blinking. Hmmmmm... something with the lens? I've never experienced this before. Swapped the lens several times between the two cameras, same thing. So, I cleaned the contacts on the lens & lens mount with some Zeiss wipes and same issue. ( I don't have any Isopropyl). I let the T3 sit for a while as I tried to digest what to do next. Just turned it back on, no problems. It's working. Moved the lens back over to the T4--no problems. Well, I'm very thankful that it seems (!) to be resolved, but this does NOT instill confidence. I have a gig tomorrow. This would NOT be a cool thing to happen. Anyway, anyone have any similar experience with this. Thank you for your help! Kevin RIley
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