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  1. I have tried this function with some success with the 60mm macro lens, 35 frame 10 steps stacked in Zerene Stacker (attached image), I also ran a test going from step 1 up to eight each time 15 frames at f/3.2, the file is too big to post here but step one seems to be bigger than all the other steps!
  2. No, it only works with Fuji lenses, I have tried with a Tamron 90mm lens and Metabones adaptor!
  3. I downloaded Affinity Photo and ended up buying it, it has so many great features, one is the blending of two exposures, very successful on an Astro image, one for the sky and one for the foregound. I have yet to find out how to do the selective masking that I do in Photoshop, but replacing Lightroom it certainly does!
  4. "Did you ever tried to do astrophoto with the 18-135 ?" Not the lens to use, I have the Samyang (Rockinon) 12mm f/2 for astro photography with the XT1, which incidentally is fantastic for astro work, I tried first with my 14mm, I wasn't entirely happy with the results so bought the Samyang. Sample attached. EXIF 25s @ f/2 ISO 4000, Manual exposure and focus, bulb setting, remote, tripod. Hope this helps, I have that lens that you used and have had no issue with it for normal photography.
  5. Affinity Photo looks good from the video presentation, what the learning curve would be like is another thing. I depends on how you use the software to edit your images, at the moment Photoshop is the only software that does what I want it to do, I selectively target an area in Levels adjustments and work from there sometimes creating around 60 layers depending on the image and how much detail/information there is in it. I will download Affinity Photo to see how it goes. Only by trying will you know if it is any good for the way you work/edit. Silkypix works very well with Fuji files and colour modes, it is just too clunky on a Mac but is OK on a PC.
  6. I have used my Nikon SP 600 many times on the Fuji XT1, no problems at all. The flash is set to manual mode and the camera to commander! I dial the settings into the flash unit to get the flash setting that I need to use, mainly I use it for bird photography in dark areas in the bush.
  7. To follow on from previous posts on the Milky Way here is one taken last week of the Milky Way over Cathedral Rock, Anna Bay, a lot of light pollution from house on the next peninsular of Fishermans Bay. Exif, XT1 (such a great camera for night photography) Samyang 12mm f2, 52s exposure, remote .
  8. Beautiful colours, with the second image I think I would be tempted to crop just above the full blooms and a fractions below the first bud!
  9. Boat Harbour NSW, 100-400mm lens on XT1.
  10. I have a problem with my remote (RR-90), the connection into the camera is very loose (micro usb), almost impossible to keep the timer going. Has anyone else come across this problem please? I do a lot of night and slow shutter shooting so is a necessary evil as the timer only goes for 30s! I have posted this elsewhere in another thread but have started this thread in the hope that someone will have a fix for the problem. Margaret
  11. Hi Daniela, if the card is a Sandisk, there is recovery software that you can download to recover your files, https://kb.sandisk.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/4985/~/data-recovery-for-memory-cards-and-flash-drives. Hope this helps. Margaret
  12. Hi to you all, I was on the previous Fuji X Forum but my login details don't work for this one, I have been absent for some while due to illness and I seem to have missed a lot of what is going on! I will put what equipment I use in my signature. I am in NSW Australia on the Mid North Coast, I shoot exclusively with Fuji now but previously with Nikon. It was a good move and I probably have all the lenses and equipment that I need. My main interest is Landscape/seascape, the night sky, birds and macro, I kept my Tamron 90mm and Sigma 180mm from the Nikon system and use a Metabones adaptor on the Fuji. I look forward to meeting you all in the forums and viewing your work. Margaret
  13. That is also a beautiful shot, it has foreground interest. You could bring out more in the stars in Lightroom or Photoshop with a bit of selective editing! The group (circle) of stars above the rock is Corona Australis, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corona_Australis. I am beginning to learn the names of all of them thanks to the Sydney Observatory. We struggle with light pollution too, it would be better inland but I am on the coast, I also struggle with getting foreground interest, I am too old to go climbing around the rocks I am now experimenting with longer exposures for the foreground at lower ISO's and keep the sky at around 15-30s, weather has closed in now so won't have clear skies for a few days...we need the rain though! I look forward to more of your Milky Way images, also, the 12mm Samyang is a very sharp f2 lens and pretty cheap over here.
  14. I now have a problem with my remote, the connection into the camera is very loose (micro usb), almost impossible to keep the timer going. Has anyone else come across this problem please? I do a lot of night and slow shutter shooting so is a necessary evil! MC
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