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  1. I'm sure you've already looked, but have you accidently turned the focus dial (front bottom left) from A to M?
  2. I would have thought it needs to be set to something - even just Standard?
  3. Interesting, but as above I now only offer 3:2 ration enlargements - and my most popular with schools in 9x6. The only issue I see is many of the cheap "home-store" shops have vast amounts of their own 10x8 frames to get rid of! You could offer an 8x12
  4. I have the X1T-F and although an excellent and reliable trigger, my frustration is when the camera is low down on a tripod, its difficult to see the settings without either a) taking it off the camera or tilting the camera downwards. I'll be buying the new X-ProF very shortly.
  5. I've recently bought into the Godox system and it does seem quite sturdy. For the price, I'm very pleased
  6. I still love my 35mm F1.4, so I'd recommend the 35mm
  7. I took a 55-200 to Zimbabwe earlier this year and had some great results, however since being back in the UK where the wildlife is smaller I've switched to the 100-400. Both are great lenses, but the 100-400 is just fantasic
  8. This arrived at the end of last week. Just a few samples from my garden or local park.
  9. Here's one from a few weeks back whilst in Zimbabwe...
  10. 12mm and Lee Big stopper 4.3 sec exposure
  11. the lee Big stopper has a foam surround that prevents light entering - and you use the filter in the 1st slot. Is your friend using it correctly?
  12. I cant see a reason (for me) to buy the F2.0. My F1.4 is just brilliant. I use it on my X-10 which is not WR, and in 35 years of photography, I cant remember ever needing WR on any camera!
  13. So, having just taken 30 pictures with the drive switch to Adv as the drive switched had been moved whilst putting the camera away in the bag, I too would love a lockable drive switch. BTW what does the "lock" mode on the menu do exactly. I selected drive and locked it but it doesn't make any difference.
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