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  1. For those who have the XT4, and don't shoot video, I'm wondering what you think about the new video-centric features like the stills/movie dial and the flip screen. I'm using an XT2 for studio (food/product) photography plus general use. I'm still not sure how I feel about the flip screen. I can see it being an advantage for tripod shooting but otherwise I see it as getting in the way of anything else. The new stills/movie dial is incredibly bothersome to me. They took away a feature I used all the time and replaced it with something I will never use. Also, I have to wonder why they decided to put all this video stuff in the XT line instead of the XH line. They already had one camera geared towards stills and another towards hybrid shooters. Why not beef up the XH for video and improve on stills features (and possibly remove video features) for the XT? Here's the thing, I'm fine with skipping this generation and waiting for the XT5 but I feel like there's a gamble they'll move more towards video and alienate those who only shoot stills. If I'm thinking ahead, I'm a little concerned that I should start looking at other platforms in a couple years. This is going to prevent me from buying any new Fuji lenses if I think I might switch.
  2. I have an XT2 and have no issues transferring images from that camera. With the X100V, I'm getting really, REALLY frustrated and tired of not being able to use the app to transfer images. - I had no problem pairing the devices. - I have opened the Fuji Remote app and have Fujifilm-x100V-18B8 visible with a flashing bluetooth icon and a solid wifi icon. - The camera says: iPhone-7459. Start Up Fujifilm app for digital camera and select the function Fujifilm-x100v-18B8. - When I select Single Image Transfer on iPhone I get one of two events; (1) "Turn on the camera power on. It might take approx 10 seconds to connect." then closes. (2) Same message as above but then "Camera is processing. Switch to the Play menu or the Shooting menu." - That's it. It happens every time now. I was able to transfer images the first few times but now, nothing. I know the easy response is to delete the app and pair again. I have done that once already and will do that again after I submit this. Am I doing something wrong? Is there a a specific sequence of opening / turning on that needs to be followed? Do I have to manually connect to the wifi first? Are there settings or other functions that may be interfering with the transfer? None of this stuff is in the manual and isn't spelled out in the app or on the phone.
  3. For my style of photography (food, product, interiors), I’ve realized I should be working with tilt shift. To be clear, I’m not interested in miniaturized photos. I currently have native Fuji and several Canon FD lenses for my XT-2. It seems Canon to Fuji isn’t popular for tilt shift adapters. My guess is because the canon 17 and 24 ts lenses exist so an ef-fx would suffice. I’m of course hoping to spend the least amount of money and utilize what I have for now. My first question is if there’s an fd-fx tilt shift adapter I haven’t found? Second question is what are you using for tilt shift? Third, I mean, it’s not possible to make a Fuji lens tilt shift, right? I did see the Cambo Acrus but that’s beyond my price range right now. Actus on GFX is my end goal. Finally, what would you personally recommend, (I’d like to be under $500 right now) and can you share some samples? I think I saw a $300 nikkor to fx adapter so that may be where I end up. Thanks!
  4. As far as I know, only the Zeiss Touit line offers AF for X mount. Is there a particular reason why we don't see Sigma, Samyang, or Tamron offer auto focus X mount lenses when they do offer them for Sony?
  5. Awesome. I certainly considered it was a problem with me and using my camera/flash properly. Because it was happening right at 500 though, and me being new to flash photography in general, I was looking for an easier answer - like turn X function on/off. Thanks!!
  6. I have an XT2 with Godox X1TF and TT350F. I'm unable to get flash to sync faster than 1/250. I'm shooting with Auto FP, TTL and unable to change the camera to Manual flash. Pretty sure I'm missing something stupid here. Edit / with photos: I'm starting to think maybe I'm describing my problem incorrectly. First of all, I've already stated that FP and TTL are enabled. I've also been testing with the TT350F attached to the camera and I'm getting the same results. The real issue is that the exposure difference between 250 and 500 is quite dramatic. Like, one is too bright and one is too dark. This is more noticeable with smaller apertures with the subject further away. If I stop down to 2.8 and shoot a subject at 1M, the exposure between 250 and 500 is closer. Although, at 250, I'm definitely still seeing the effect of the flash (bright spot) where as at 500 I think I'm just getting a better exposure just because I've stopped down and the SS is faster than the flash. The following snapshots are both f8, iso200. 1/250 https://www.dropbox.com/s/yu2u6k7rhzmx5gj/250.png?dl=0 1/500 https://www.dropbox.com/s/3pjvc8wztx7qcrm/500.png?dl=0
  7. I started this food blog about six months ago because I love to cook and have always loved food photography. As I start taking this a little more seriously, I'm looking around at other food photography on blog sites and I'm getting a little discouraged with the FujiX platform. I feel like it's pretty obvious most bloggers are using $2,000+ DSLR bodies and my XT-2 just can't keep up. I'd appreciate some critique on my photos (links below) and some tips on how I can maybe get more out of the Fuji system. I feel like I'm having difficulty getting the correct exposure out of the XT2. I always have to stop up in post because doing so in-camera seems to over expose. Adding more lights just seems to blow out the highlights and increase the contrast. So light is one problem. The other problem, I think, is the lack of a full frame sensor. I can't describe it but there's a clear difference between my images and those from a 5D iii. Sharpness has always been an issue as well. I've moved from Lightroom to Capture One for better RAF rendering but I'm still not okay with the sharpness. I typically shoot on an inexpensive tripod with a 2 second timer. I'm by no means a seasoned photographer or even a professional cook so I know I have a long way to go. I typically shoot with either a Touit 32mm 1.8 or at the 56mm 1.2. My kitchen is smallish so anything more than 56mm is going to be tough - still eyeing up that 80mm though. I started out with a 3x2 box light but have been using an Neewer LED panel light for a few months now. I haven't really used a flash or speedlight. I have some bounce cards and a diffuser for fill and to reduce contrast. I LOVE my XT2 and all the lenses but I'm not so confident that they're the best tool for professional still / studio photography. By the chatter I see on the FujiX sites, it doesn't seem like there's many studio photographers around here either. Here's a link to my Flickr album https://flic.kr/s/aHskBzAS5Y and here's my website http://eatup.kitchen. Those are all low quality JPGs but I can post more elsewhere if requested. Thanks.
  8. Gotcha. I've tried that. The changes apply to both he EVF and the LCD. So if you turn off histogram, its off for both the EVF and LCD :-(
  9. You're talking about Screen Set-Up > Disp. Custom Settings? I jus tried what you suggested but this option is not available for My Menu. Am I understanding you correctly? Actually, I'd be asking them to add a function back to the system being that the X-E2 can still do this. The two options that exist right now are useless in my opinion. Opt1. full screen / Opt2. small screen. Here's a screenshot from the X-E2 manual
  10. Sorry - X-T2. It only has two display modes. One with the indicators inside the shot and one with them outside the shot. Here's a screenshot from the manual.
  11. On the main LCD display of the X-T2, as you press Display you can toggle between the histogram view, indicator overlay, or unobstructed live view. Looking at the manual on pages 18 and 19, there doesn't seem to be a way to have the unobstructed live view through the EVF. I find this super annoying. If I'm not missing something, is there a way to submit this suggestion to Fuji? For reference, my X-E2 does what I'm talking about.
  12. I completely gave up on this. I've resorted to just plugging my camera in to an external monitor via the HDMI cable. It's not the most convenient or comfortable but at least it works.
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