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    Most of my photography is meant to document Nature as I see and experience it. So much of the land and wilderness has already been lost, and even more is endangered by those who wish to feed their addiction to greed, power and control.

    My hope is to inspire people to protect what is left, and to go out and experience for themselves.

    Other creative pursuits include abstract expressionist painting, playing classical and improvisational piano, kayaking, and cooking.

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  1. merlin


    Second Round of Daylilies. What a surprise!
  2. One of the most remarkable areas of red and other rock formations. Millions of years of Earth's geological history are revealed. The magnificence is jaw-dropping at every turn, and the vastness engulfs one with deep feelings and incredible Nature energies. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. .
  3. merlin


    One of them got very excited, meowing loudly at the windows, especially when one of the kittens came right up to it. The other one showed zero interest.
  4. merlin


    Thanks very much, Jerry!
  5. merlin


    On Friday and Saturday, we were honored with a visit of a mother bobcat and her three small kittens. It was amazing and deeply moving to observe them for many hours playing, nursing, and climbing trees, all the while under the patient and watchful eye of Mom. Our home is clearly a safe place for them, with a deck to sleep under, many trees to climb, and a fenced yard to keep out predators. I hope that these photographs will deeply touch you with a profound respect and appreciation for these magnificent creatures. Out of respect, these photographs were taken from inside our home through windows, and sometimes screens as well.
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