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    Most of my photography is meant to document Nature as I see and experience it. So much of the land and wilderness has already been lost, and even more is endangered by those who wish to feed their addiction to greed, power and control.

    My hope is to inspire people to protect what is left, and to go out and experience for themselves.

    Other creative pursuits include abstract expressionist painting, playing classical and improvisational piano, kayaking, and cooking.

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  1. My 16-80 has completely replaced my 18-55 for hiking, off-trail adventures, and other outings. IQ is excellent, and although it is a bit heavier and bulkier, the extra reach at both ends works wonderfully for me.
  2. X-T2, 16-80mm
  3. X-T2, 16-80mm
  4. X-T2, 90mm (taken through a double-glazed window)
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