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Inexpensive macro option for X pro - adapter and lens combo

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I would love to have the option to  take some macro images with my X pro cameras ( 1&2) I don't really want to buy a macro lens that I will use a couple times a year.


What options are their for older lenses and adapters - even extension tubes on existing lenses.


I've been doing this a long time, but never got into macro, so some suggestions would be great.

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It definitely would be better to use real macro lens, even old one (also auto-focus is not really useful in this case).


You could buy Canon FD 50mm Macro with tubes for 50$ + adapter - basically same price as for Macro Extension Tubes MCEX-11 / MCEX-16.

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My solution is a Tamron SP 90mm f/2.8 Adaptall-II (model 72B) which gives me 1:1 magnification and a comfortable working distance for just under £90.


Doesn't have the same reputation as the earlier 90mm f/2.5, so prices tend to stay low.


(Edit: some details here)


On my X-T1:


strawberry by Jean-Yves, on Flickr



greenongreen by Jean-Yves, on Flickr

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