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  1. My X-T1 has just gone back to Fuji a second time for the same problem. When I turn on the camera, the rear lcd display begins flashing (alternating between black and whatever the camera is pointed at every second.) Check out this YouTube link: https://youtu.be/ZEe0O8eWQCk. All camera functions (other than on/off) are frozen when this happens. When I sent it (along with my lenses) to Fuji in December, they were able to replicate the problem only once, and never again. They finally shipped it back to me 6 weeks later, having basically only upgraded the firmware. Camera was fine for about 50-60 shots, then the problem returned. The problem appears NOT to be lens related, since the problem occurs with both my Fuji lenses, as well as a random Fuji lens supplied by the retail salesperson. Someone suggested it could be the Auto Focus motor; I've also heard about a problem with the ribbon that connects the lens to the body, but I know nothing about that. Anyone else experienced this problem and found a fix? Thanks
  2. Sorry for the long delay in responding -- had a lot going on. I was thinking about situations where downloading from SD card may not be available. As it turns out, I have acquired a 3rd party AC adapter, and while I don't contemplate having to use it often, I'm glad I have it. I just wasn't sure how the "surrogate" battery attached to an AC adapter would work. I think I've figured it out now. Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, and greetings from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I've just recently jumped into the Fuji world by purchasing an X-T1 w/ Fujinon 18-135. I arrive here as a 35-year Canon shooter (7 cameras, all the way back to AE-1!) As mentioned by others, there's a pretty steep learning curve with the X-T1, but I'm working my way through. I do have a question about power. I've been experimenting with wireless connection to both my Mac and Galaxy smartphone, and while I love the convenience, I'm a little concerned about power consumption. I've purchased 3 additional camera batteries, but I'm wondering if there is an AC adapter option for long downloads. I've seen some adapters online, but I'm still a little confused as to how they work. What I've seen looks like a NPW126 battery with a cord attached -- how does that work. I can't see any entry point on the camera for an AC input. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Rod
  4. OK - I think I figured it out myself. While adjusting the shutter-speed dial, I inadvertently set it 1/4000. Reset to "A" and all is well.
  5. I'm a new X-T1 owner, having migrated from a Canon system. I've had my new kit for less than a week. Was shooting on the weekend and review/playback screen was working perfectly. Today I took a few more test shots, and I can't get the camera to display my images. When I press the review button, I can see a very faint outline of the image (almost invisible) but that's it. Yes, I've been experimenting with screen settings and such today, but I can't figure out if I did something to cause this, or.... Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks
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