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  1. I have tried many VC and Leica lenses (and other mounts too) adapted to all sorts of X camera over my ownership history. The constant reminder for me is: native lenses only!! I have 50 and 35 lux and I just dont like them on the xpro2. I would never suggest someone buy Leica glass to use just for adapting purposes, if you already have them then experiment, but there are plenty of other adaptable mounts that will give similar results on the Xpro2 if you want to dabble. I have also found that EVF and peaking with manual lenses is no longer something I enjoy (but that is the rangefinder fanboy speaking). The only mirrorless that does leica lenses well is the.... Leica SL....I bought one and sold it. If you can find lenses for under say $150 to play with or to get a vintage or classic look, that's fine. For the money, the X prime set of 23, 25, 50 cannot be beat with any adapted lens. I would experiment with M42 more than anything M mount. Buy 1-3 cheap Helios 44 or takumar SMC 50mm 1.4 and have fun! Just from the examples the 50 lux will never look 4x better than the 56mm (but it's 4x the cost!).
  2. Hawks leica helicoid. It does make a difference for close focusing. You will use it.
  3. I have both the leash and the slide lite. I found that I use the leash more, more compact and packable.
  4. i own a bunch of gordy's. i also now use o-rings on all my straps to protect the body, regardless of brand...ingenious!!
  5. Fuji XF 50mm would be the first choice. It would be money well spent and save you from finding a good used copy of a lens to adapt. if that is out of your range than super takumar 50 1.4. you have to get an adapter without the ring in it for the M42 aperture pin, or remove it yourself. Usually you need a super small screwdriver or hex. Voigtlander SLII 58mm 1.4 in Nikon mount, but that is more expense than the Fuji.
  6. I'll wait until the camera is released and real world experiences are (pun) developed. The pole vault video is rumored to be set up and staged with high powered LEDs that won't create banding/rolling shutter. I won't believe much of either argument until the camera is released to the world. As for any person that runs a site, they are free to spill whatever nonsense they choose. The real people that have lost it, are the ones that will take one single person's internet statements as fact and base decisions on how to spend their money purely on that. It's great camera, overkill for the masses and not for me, but someone will be happy with it....when the matching level of glass comes out too. Here is Ken's (Angry Photographer) video on the "staged" A9 demo, make your own judgements:
  7. The front ovf/evf selector. Hold right for a few seconds
  8. Per the xpro2 manual The OVF Display Keep the selector pressed up to choose the optical viewfinder display zoom ratio. I consider myself relatively adept at reading documentation before I just dive in. I really really missed this one. I came from an xt1 so was not familiar with that option. I like being able to zoom in so that the ovf frame fills the entire viewfinder. It has it's uses
  9. 23mm f2 https://goo.gl/images/EVz0AY X100 https://goo.gl/images/yuuydd Lens diagram for both.
  10. [PDF] Magnification of the macro extension tube http://www.fujifilm.com/products/digital_cameras/accessories/pdf/mcex_01.pdf The longer the lens the less magnification you get. Actually the 27mm works very well with the fuji 11 tube. Mag and working distance come into play as well. I don't own the 90mm, though
  11. I highly suggest a card reader, just in general
  12. They don't even have mock ups or CADs or anything, so remains to be seen how they figure to attempt this. Or maybe they have a working prototype and are keeping it under tight secret. I have my doubts, but am still very interested. Alas sometimes these things don't pan out or have trouble for various reasons. This market is not easy to just break into. Anyone remember this: http://konost.com they're still thinking they can get something to market
  13. https://flic.kr/s/aHskXEtRAG The weave can be learned through any different tutorial on making Paracord bracelets, just longer. Likely need at least 10ft of cord, don't make too tight of a braid, a camera strap needs to have some flexibility for comfort. There are Paracord bracelet length calculators on the net too takes me about 20min to make, a novice maybe 45. https://youtu.be/UKSGg2IuCLI http://paracord550milspec.com/measure-wrist-size-for-a-paracord-bracelet/
  14. Check this out. I was emailing this guy after I saw him comment on 35mmc.com http://www.randtglobalservices.com
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