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  1. I think it depends on your choice of lens. Personally, I prefer the fast primes, so I have the 56, 35, 23, 16 all around the 1.4 to 1.2 range. I also have the 18-55 OIS which is a fantastic lens. Sharp, small and light and usually comes as the "kit" lens. I prefer it over the 16-55 2.8, which is a nice lens but twice the size and weight and you don't have OIS.
  2. I was also a film shooter before switching. I have the Xpro and Xpro2 and the X100f. Just got my 3 a few days ago, but really enjoying a few features. The tone application for warming or cooling B&W is amazing, since thats 80% of what I shoot. Also the clarity and the HDR for SOC shots is amazing. I love the screen. I use the EVF for composition so the rear screen was never on anyway. But i like the option to flip it open for low angle shooting. I thought i would miss the D-pad, but it is now all incorporated in the little thumb toggle which is really intuitive and after just 3 days, easier than the two you have on the Xpro2. I also find it easier manual focusing with the 3 than the 2 for some reason. EVF seams crisper. I have decided to sell my 100f to finance my Xpro3. Yes its bigger and heavier, but its really motivating me to do more. One issue my copy has is that in single frame mode, after clicking the shutter, the screen or EVF blackout for 1-2 seconds. That doesnt happen on my Xpro2 and it goes away if i set it to continuous shooting. Hope that helps.
  3. Agreed. Never noticed till you pointed that out. Question for you. Does your X Pro 3 in single frame mode blackout the screen and say "sroring". Mune does but that doesn't happen on eother X Pro 2 or XT3.
  4. I just got my copy of the X pro 3 and I love almost everything. The quality of image is not a big difference, but the ability to tweak things like clarity and to have HDR, just for those times I just want an SOC image is nice. Love the screen. I don't chimp much, but it really focusses your attention on getting your composition and lighting right. Reminds me of film shooting. One question/issue On my Xpro 2, and XT3, in single frame mode, there is no blackout. On the X pro 3, there is a substantial 1-2 second blackout in single frame (comparing to other cameras) when you snap the shutter which says "storing". Really annoying. I have tried various setting and all the same result. Set it to continuous, if I'm careful when I click the shutter for a single shot, there is no blackout. Anyone have any suggestions? Bad copy? new bug? Other than that one thing, I really like the new model.
  5. I would love to have the option to take some macro images with my X pro cameras ( 1&2) I don't really want to buy a macro lens that I will use a couple times a year. What options are their for older lenses and adapters - even extension tubes on existing lenses. I've been doing this a long time, but never got into macro, so some suggestions would be great.
  6. So just an update. I ended up having to send the camera back to Fuji. They repaired it. What had happened was a small piece of my SD card had lodged in the card slot and was preventing the card and camera from communicating. They repaired it no charge, even though they didn't have to. Another reason I love FujiFIlm. Working great now.
  7. Thanks, Tried that and a hundred other things. Did a hard reset. Took it to the camera shop I purchased it at and now its on its way to Fuji fro repairs.
  8. Not sure if it's related or fluke. I loaded the new 2.0 firmware onto a freshly formatted card. Inserted the card and got an error message "CARD ERROR". So I took that card out and put the old one back in. Now same message.. With every Card. I was using Slot 1 and slot 2 as JPG. SO I removed the card and set it for Sequential and put the card into slot 2. Works fine in slot 2. Slot 1 is dead. Just error message when I try anything in it. "CARD ERROR". any suggestions.
  9. Hey, Thanks to everyone who commented. I really appreciate the feedback. For now I am going status quo. Maybe rent the 10-24 and head out for a day and see what I like or don't like. Since I have an XP1 and XP2 as well as 100S, I have lots of options. I appreciate the wisdom is keeping to the prime lenses, as that has always produced the best results for me. Maybe spend more time honing my skills.
  10. I use my 14 mm a lot for landscapes. Love the lens. I have a 23 mm (1.4) that I also like, but I have a 100S which has a 23, so since I carry that around everywhere, I find I rarely put my 23 mm lens onto my XP1 and XP2 bodies. From a lens point of view I prefer fixed focal lengths and bright lenses, but there seems to be some advantages to the 10-24. So I'm thinking I could sell them both and get a 10-24. Not sure about the F4, but I believe it has IS. Just looking for some technical advantages/disadvantages outside of what I am thinking
  11. Thanks guys for the feedback. I should have been a bit clearer on my question. I was thinking more technical than ergonomic. I did have an 18-55 with my XP1 when I bought it, but I rarely used it so I sold it. My most used lenses would be in this order. 35 (1.4) 14, 55-200, 56, 23. 23 is my least used, because I also have an 100S that I take everywhere, which has the 23. I love the lens, but just don't use it much. Out of the the lenses, I have, I was wondering which will perform better with the XP1 sensor. I want to take advantage of the sensor in the XP2, so I am thinking that longer focal lengths will allow this, plus when cropping you won't lose as much. Plus the longer lenses will auto focus better on the XP2. ( not that I worry about that) With the smaller sensor of the XP1 , less cropping. Plus I usually manual focus the 14mm anyway. So technically, which one would be better on which body. I have been using the 14 on the XP1. I guess i'm going to have to head out and just do some shots with each lens on the two bodies and compare.
  12. Now that I have played with my X pro2 for I while, it would be nice to have another body/lens to carry with it. I still have my X pro 1. I was thinking that my 14mm F2.8 would be good. But maybe not. I have 56 , 35 (1.4) , 23 and a 50-200. I would like to get the best use of my X pro 2 so I will probably use the 56 with that. Mostly people and landscape, so fast focus is not a requirement. Any suggestions ( with reasons) would be helpful.
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