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Paul Szilard

Video Users - is there a video forum here?

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Just curious, is there a significant user base on this site that shoots video and therefore is there (or should it be created??) a Video forum that I couldn't find?

I happen to be the president of the Sydney Video Makers Club in Australia, and have a keen interest to shoot both video and stills using my Fuji system, having escaped from 20+ years of using Nikon.

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I would recommend looking for the camera you use, and try in that forum.  It never hurts to ask though.  In a few days I get the XT-4 w/16mm - 80mm zoom.  I plan to do both cinematic style 4K video, and photos.  Both Black and White and color.

What do you use?

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    • By murraypaultec
      I am trying to use my X-T3 to record video directly into Camtasia.  I have tried with X-Webcam 1.0 and 2.0 and neither one works.  The X-Webcam works perfectly when using Zoom, but not with Camtasia.  And, Camtasia works fine with both built-in camera and external USB camera.  Any idea how to resolve this?
    • By Somemorr
      My problem:
      My X-t30 no longer lets me record video. Nothing happens when I push the shutter button in video mode.
      - My main use for this camera is for recording video projects at my workplace.
      - I noticed the issue after using the camera as a webcam with a elgato camlink 4k. I had optimised the in-camera settings for use as a webcam during the past months of Zooming everyday.
      My attempted fixes so far:
      - I reverted all my in-camera settings back to my usual, non-webcam settings.
      - I updated the firmware to the latest version.
      -  Many google searches to see if anyone else has had and posted a fix to this issue. 
    • By Kasumi3344
      What are the best zoom lenses and prime lenses for 4K 24 FPS video on the XT-4?  I'm looking to duplicate the film days as closely as I can.  The greatest like Steven Spielberg (Schindler's List, E.T. The Extraterrestrial, Duel), John Carpenter (Escape from New York/L.A., Big Trouble in Little China).

      I plan to do Black and White, and color.

    • By Nicofit
      Good morning,
      I have a problem with my x-t30
      I'm not able to record any video because after a few second the video is automatically stopped and I can't understand why.
      I can't record more than 8/15 seconds.
      Does anyone know which is the problem?
      Many thanks
      have a nice day
    • By Marko92
      Good morning everyone,
      I'm a Fuji lover since the day they came up with that old fashioned looking xpro - what a great story they have built to become a solid challenger to the Canon, Nikon & Sony of this world.
      I'm using my XT3 primarily for video creation and am looking at switching to the XT4, due to the stabilization and therefore capacity to film handheld in some situations. I'm also considering switching from the standard lens kit (18-55 f2.8-4) to the 16-55 f2.8, which however doesn't have built in stab.
      My question: (i) from what the IBIS can do on other cameras (XH1?), do you expect it can offset the lack of lens stab?, (ii) I've read somewhere that should you mount your fuji on a DJI Ronin stabilizer and connect it, you may lose the in camera stabilization - is this fake or real?
      thanks a lot for your help (from Paris, France !)
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    • I have this issue on the 16 1.4, 23 1.4 and 56 1.2. All 3 are really lose. It makes them a nightmare to shoot with as I’m constantly having to check it hasn’t moved for each shot, as my hand is naturally holding it when i shoot, it’s easily moved. There are barely any ‘stops’ at all for each setting, it’s like a smooth rotation with some subtle bumps as I turn it.    don’t get me wrong - all 3 lenses are fantastic. Chuffed to bits with them, but the aperture rings are completely awful. It
    • Hello,   My iso wheel suddenly stopped changing the iso when on video mode. When I switch to photo it is perfectly fine though.   Does anybody have any idea what might be causing it? I have not changed anything in the settings but...    Thank you in advance!
    • I don't believe you're doing anything wrong, because I have the same issue. The only thing the function button allows you to do is switching face/eye recognition on of off. No more options. My X-T2 did offer the option to switch between auto eye, left eye and right eye detection, but the X-T3 sadly not (Fuji are you listening?). Now you have to dig into the menu setting to make the required settings.
    • Recent versions of Lightroom have the option of using the film simulation used when capturing the image. It can be changed. Go to Lightroom > preferences. Look for the tab Presets. Here you can change the settings. You may even do so per camera used. There are three options: any preset to your liking, or Adobe Standard (instead of the horrible Adobe Color) or Camera Settings (your used Film setting). Hope this helps.
    • You can change the default profile used when importing images into Capture one and lightroom, you could set it to a flat profile to give you more of that "Raw" look.
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