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  1. I also include Zack Arias and Denae & Andrew on YouTube in my list.
  2. If you enjoy small size, but with interchangeable lenses, then the X-E3 is also worth looking at.
  3. Hi, Nick, - just saw your question. My guess is that the camera colour depth is low. Like 8 bit, perhaps? And you are pushing past the capability of the content. I shoot a lot of video with the XT3, and have not had any issues. If you get an opportunity to use an external recorder, it may record higher bit depth so could be worth a try. I no longer have X-T2, so can't test myself.
  4. Just curious, is there a significant user base on this site that shoots video and therefore is there (or should it be created??) a Video forum that I couldn't find? I happen to be the president of the Sydney Video Makers Club in Australia, and have a keen interest to shoot both video and stills using my Fuji system, having escaped from 20+ years of using Nikon.
  5. ABSOLUTELY NOT. I am awaiting the X-T4 with baited breath and will have it the 1st day it is in the shop! I am totally bewildered why stills photographers have to be so vocally ANTI video features. Why can't people just use what they want and ignore what they don't. I specifically bought and own Fuji X kit, to shoot video, AND stills, but don't complain about non video features. For me the IBIX, the flippy LCD, which can be turned inwards for protection, the roughly double battery life and the separated photo/video menus are all significant, and equally so for stills as video shooters.
  6. Thanks for the heads-up re X-T2 vs X-PRO2 AF. It is hardly a surprise, however. It's like saying that a Nikon D5 is better for sports than a Leica M. They are different tools for different shooting scenarios and probably for different shooters. For me, as I am interested in both genre's I want one of each. If I was a reporter covering events, I would have 2x X-T2's for sure.
  7. I see two options re battery: 1) Use dual chargers, with LCD that shows % of charge. Two of these would mean you could charge 4 batteries at the same time! 2) Use an external battery with a flexible cord to the camera. A belt mounted V-Lock Anton Bauer will certainly provide plenty of juice. In the "old days" we all used external battery packs for big flash guns. So even though this may not be a perfect solution, I think it is a very workable one. More so with a single body, as I would want tangled wires with 2 bodies around my neck. If I had to go for a full day's shooting, I would definitely look into that.
  8. I think you should buy MY X-T1. I am buying the X-T2, purely for the video, and will be selling my X-T1 with Battery Grip and Arca-Swiss style L-Bracket. Send me a PM if interested!
  9. I am shocked, if that is indeed the case! What do you base this information on?
  10. I have today received an invitation to join the Fujifilm "X-Thusiasts" Program of Australia. I have read the Terms & Conditions, which can be seen at http://www.fujifilm.com.au/xthusiasts/terms and provide here my PERSONAL thoughts on the matter. I realise and indeed encourage, individuals to form their own opinions and make their own decisions. As many of us are often given to not reading the "small print", I thought my highlights might be of value to some. I won't reproduce the full Terms and Conditions document as these are available at the Fujifilm website for all to see, but pull extracts to support my thoughts. INCENTIVE The only incentive I could see, for participating is to have a branded web presence and possibly have your work included in a Fujifilm published book. That's it! I can already have a web presence in a Flickr group, on the Fuji forums, or on a high number of other photo websites and blogs, not to mention my own websites, without giving away my rights! PARTICIPATION General, para 1 i.e. you don't even need to sign, or even tick a box, that you accept the T & Cs, as mere participation is regarded as legally binding acceptance of these. General, para 5 i.e. participants will not be notified! They are responsible for continuously checking the website to spot any cancellation or changes to the Program License para 12c, relating to the Participant So if you take a cityscape, then you have to obtain written consent from the owner of every building, vehicle and human in the picture. License para 13 Note, this grants unspecified sub-licensees, "royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, and sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish and display any Content" Privacy para 18 I.e. any PI will be made available without further contact to the participant, to 3rd parties And now, Ladies and Gentlemen, for the ultimate paragraph: Promoter's Rights para 19 i.e. ANY condition may be changed by the Promoters, without consent or even notification of the Participants at any time, and such changes become effective immediately! Well, I am not a lawyer, but I would certainly not wish to participate under these conditions. I would advise anyone considering to participate, to take a serious look at what they are intending to do and the legal commitment that they are making. FUJIFILM X-Thusiasts.pdf
  11. I really don't get the importance of edge sharpness at wide open. Especially at f1.4 when the DOF is very shallow, you are very unlikely to WANT egde sharpness and the cances are that the perimeter is not going to be in the same plane anyway. What you really want is subject separation, and faster shutter speed and the f1.4 will deliver that for you. In addition for portrature people used to add a soft focus filter, so razor sharpness is not called for. Having said that I find the 35mm f1.4 absolutely delightfull. If I was going to shoot city scape or landscape I would use f4 to f11 in any case. So I am happy to stick with my 35mm f1.4 lens (Now bring on the X-PRO2 specs!!!)
  12. Interesting that you shoot video on the Fuji X. I find the stair casing and moire just unacceptable so much so that unless the X-PRO2 can deliver decent video, I am seriously wondering if I would be better off with a Sony A7s Mk2 for video. I am currently using either a Nikon D750 for video, or borrow my friend's GH4. For still, I do love the Fuji X-T1 and as I have 11 lenses, I would prefer not to have to switch systems.
  13. Hi dudes and dude-esses. I am too busy at the moment to share some great and funny photo, but many of my photos can be found at my website. I am in the process of setting up a Synology NAS Photo Station, which will have practically unlimited space and wire speed access for me to load and change photos. (6x3TB HDDs plus 120GB SSD cache). My bio: started photography at age 14 with a Praktika Mat, moved to Ricoh SLR then Olympus OM1/OM2/OM4Ti. When AF came in and Oly was dragging its heels, I switched to Nikon. Slowly progressing up to an F5, before going all digital. Now I run both Nikon D750 and Fuji X-T1 kits in parallel. I recognise (I think) the strengths and weaknesses of both systems and try to chose which one to take accordingly. Sometimes though I feel like I am a bigamist but I don't think that I could give up my Nikon kit. I am also heavily into video, and like to produce short films and YouTube promos. I am curious to see how the X-PRO2 will fare. Reputedly it will have 4k video! My Fuji kit comprises X-T1, plus lenses 8mm, 12mm, 23mm, 35mm, 56mm, 60mm, 18-55mm (for sale), 16-55mm, 55-200mm (for sale) and 50-140mm. I use an iMac and LR 6, but have Windows PCs around as well. I live in Sydney, Australia - so if you are local and interested in my two zooms for sale, send me a PM. I think that is probably enough, by way of introduction. Paul
  14. I am thinking of the T10 with 27mm lens as a better alternative to the X100T. It doesn't have a lens shutter, but with electronic shutter it can be silent, and it has interchanable lenses and a tilting LCD, plus a lot cheaper, especially if you already have the lens(es) for it. The fact that is similar to my T1 is a bonus, as is the better AF.
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